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Seven Fun Places to Put Your Wireless Turntable

No cables + no receiver required = total freedom.

The recent resurgence in popularity of vinyl records should really come as no surprise. Why? Because, as anyone who’s had the pleasure knows, playing records is fun: a visual, aural, and tactile experience like no other; an endearing ritual that can quickly become a habit; a way of listening to recorded music that feels direct, personal, and real. In today’s constantly connected iWorld, it’s refreshing to be able to hear songs in a manner that doesn’t involve disembodied icons and images floating on a screen.

And yet the new vinyl boom has also re-exposed one of the format’s key downsides: its lack of convenience, which is a tough hurdle to clear given that people are now used to accessing music wherever they go. The main problem is the turntable. Where do you put the darn thing? It’s big. It’s bulky. And it needs to be connected to both an amplifier and a preamp to be heard. So your placement options are sorely limited, right?

Wrong. Or, to be more specific, wrong if you have a wireless turntable such as the recently introduced Yamaha MusicCast VINYL 500, which has a built-in preamp and uses Wi-Fi® to send signals directly to powered MusicCast speakers and other wireless devices — no cables and no receiver necessary. The MusicCast VINYL 500 also allows you to tune into Internet radio and streaming services, and can even work with Alexa via your smartphone or Amazon Echo device.

All this means that you can now savor the joy of playing records anywhere in your home — and come that much closer to making your feng shui dreams a reality. Bearing in mind that a wireless turntable can be easily moved anywhere at any time, here are five places you might consider trying out:

1. Reading Nook

Imagine you’re relaxing at home on a weekend. You’re about to sit down with your favorite book in the reading area that you established for just such an occasion. But before you settle in, you realize there’s one thing that would help make this leisure activity even better: music. You grab a vinyl record from your nearby collection and drop it onto your wireless turntable. If you have multiple wireless speakers in your house, you can even control which ones your music is streamed to, so others in the house who may not share your eclectic taste can enjoy themselves in peace and quiet.

2. Home Office

Since it already has a computer and speakers (perhaps even wireless ones), your home office can be the perfect place to house a turntable. You might also consider storing your vinyl there — something that can help create a personal space for yourself, close to the rest of the family but still separate.

3. Enclosed Patio

Do you like to entertain? Putting a wireless turntable on your patio adds an instant soundtrack. And thanks to the turntable’s connecting capabilities, you can link it to multiple other speakers in your home (or even out in your yard), which gives your guests an enjoyable listening experience no matter where they happen to be.

4. Bedroom

It’s been a rough day and you need to get your soul back in order by listening to one of your favorite albums before retiring for the night. Why not add to the relaxation by bringing the turntable right into your bedroom? You may find that making the transition from wakefulness to slumber is easier than ever. There are of course other, more romantic possibilities in this part of the house that might involve the playing of Barry White records … but you can probably figure those out for yourself.

5. Kitchen/Dining Room

Great music adds to the experience of both cooking and eating. So set your wireless turntable on a nearby sideboard, counter, or shelf — anywhere handy, as long as it’s not too close to the preparation or consumption of food and drink. (Messy accidents and turntables don’t mix!) For extra fun, match the music you’re listening to with the style of cuisine being served. Tex-Mex and Willie Nelson, anyone?

6. Game Room

Playing video or board games is fun but sometimes you need to play something else — like a record — to create some atmosphere. Consider placing the turntable and a wireless speaker in your game room to boost the ambience while you’re rolling the dice or shooting bad guys on your big screen TV.

7. Next to the Bar

Enjoy mixing drinks like a pro? Enhance the experience with music while you create the next great cocktail. The next time you make a Manhattan, put on some Frank Sinatra to help get you and your guests in the mood.

These are just a few options — and we haven’t even discussed the tantalizing concept of playing your records outdoors! But you get the idea: One of vinyl’s biggest historical limitations, the turntable’s lack of easy portability, is now definitely a thing of the past.


Click here for more information about the Yamaha MusicCast VINYL 500 turntable.

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