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Spotlight on Vinyl Subscription Services

It’s easy to get vinyl delivered to your doorstep.

We live in a world of modern conveniences. So what’s to stop us from modernizing the most vintage way to enjoy music?

The recent resurgence of vinyl reflects a combining of the old with the new, and there are a number of exciting products that allow you to take advantage of this convergence. The problem is that collectors often find themselves spending inordinate amounts of time combing through the racks at stores and flea markets. Wouldn’t it be cool to instead be able to explore this world without ever having to leave the comfort of your home? Vinyl subscription services provide the perfect solution, and they offer a variety of options to suit almost any need.

Here are six of the top vinyl subscription services available today:

Vinyl Me, Please

Started in 2013, this is one of the largest services. They provide music with a focus on discovery and education.

Options and Features: VMP offers a mixture of new releases from both up-and-coming artists and established legacy artists. They offer a variety of genre-specific subscriptions, including classical, jazz, rap and Hip Hop. All albums are pressed on heavyweight colored vinyl and any remastering is done “hand-in-hand with the artist.”

Vinyl Moon

Founder Brandon Bogajewicz has a recording industry background and is publisher of the music blog The Burning Ear. After getting into vinyl, he saw a need for a record club that would share compilations of new artists’ music, rather than single-artist albums.

Options and Features: Bands and labels submit their work and each month’s release provides music from different artists that Bogajewicz chooses himself. In addition, each volume’s record jacket and vinyl are designed by a different visual artist who is given free reign to create a unique experience. Members also have access to purchase exclusive albums from previously featured bands, and VIP members also get special perks like unique vinyl colors and collectible items.

Magnolia Record Club

Started by Nashville musician Drew Holcomb, this service is geared to those who love indie, folk, and country music. Each album is hand-selected by Drew or other artists.

Options and Features: Each record is a new release in an exclusive pressing — complete with listening notes and a unique art card — designed with the intent of becoming a collector item. Subscribers can also choose to add on an Artist Discovery Album: an up-and-coming act’s vinyl, usually signed or personalized by the band. There is also a Facebook group where club members can share their love of music and all things vinyl.


Founders Travis and Nick Jourdan started this subscription service in 2015 with the mission of helping to share new artists with others.

Options and Features: Artists are found through relationships with record labels and by scouring Soundcloud and taking artist submissions. Subscribers to the popular Breakthrough Record of the Month option get a different artist’s debut record sent to them each month, along with add-ons such as signed album covers, photos and posters.

Turntable Kitchen

Founded in 2008 by Matthew Hickey and his wife Kasey Fleisher as an online publication dedicated to music criticism, cooking, and food photography, the company launched its first vinyl subscription service in 2012.

Options and Features: The Pairings Box option provides an exclusive, limited edition seven-inch vinyl record by an up-and-coming artist each month, along with three original recipes, an ingredient to go with the recipes, and a digital mixtape of new music. Other subscription types include Coffee & Vinyl Pairing, which includes fresh-roasted artisan coffee, and SOUNDS DELICIOUS, which offers full-length cover versions of the albums that influenced each featured artist.


Entrepreneur Graham Langdon started this company in 2012 in an attempt to help talented but unknown artists find wider audiences — and get paid in the process. It began as a streaming service that gave artists 99 percent of any earnings from their music; a vinyl subscription service was added in 2013.

Options and Features: Top vote-getting new artists on the company’s streaming service — many of whom go on to land major label deals — get a free, first-time pressing of their debut album each month, and subscribers can opt to receive that album or can choose from one of 70 records previously released. All records are hand-pressed in color variants.


The starting prices for each of these services are roughly the same, so you’ll likely want to make the selection of vinyl being offered as your focal point when deciding which one is right for you. Whichever you choose, your mailman will soon start serving as your conduit for enjoying new music!

NOTE: While we do our best to provide useful information and resources for our customers, Yamaha does not endorse or affiliate with any of these services.

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