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About David Durben

David Durben is a professional piano technician with more than 40 years of experience in the field of acoustic and hybrid pianos. He holds a certification from the Yamaha Technical Academy in Japan and is also technically trained in Steinway and Baldwin pianos. David is a member of the Piano Technician’s Guild and served as its local chapter president in the northern plains states as well as in California. He also served on the National Board of Directors for seven years, stepping down from the office of President after two terms in 2001. David continues to instruct at PTG venues across the country, and is a full-time Yamaha technical specialist located in southern California. His duties there include service assistance for Yamaha and Boesendorfer pianos to retailers, technicians and consumers. He also serves as the head instructor for the Performance Piano Service Seminar, as well as a prep technician for Yamaha Premium and Boesendorfer pianos in the Concert and Artist suite at the Yamaha corporate headquarters in Buena Park.