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NAMM 2022 Preview: Drums, Percussion and Marching Instruments

Learn about all the products that will be on display this year.

NAMM is back! Here’s a look at some of the many drum, percussion and marching instrument products that Yamaha will be showing at the annual event, which will be held in Anaheim this year from June 3 through June 5.

DTX10 Electronic Drums

The DTX10 Series is the flagship of the Yamaha DTX lineup, combining the functionality of electronic drums with the aesthetic of their acoustic counterparts. Two kits are available: the DTX10K-X, which comes outfitted with TCS (Textured Cellular Silicone) pads, and the DTX10K-M, outfitted with REMO® two-ply mesh heads. Both feature newly designed shells that offer the presence and beauty of authentic acoustic drums, constructed from high-quality birch ply and available in Black Forest or Real Wood finishes. In addition, both utilize a hex rack mounting constructed from a strong, lightweight aluminum alloy, providing tremendous flexibility for positioning while keeping toms and cymbals locked in place throughout a performance or recording session.

Full drum kit.
DTX10K-X in Real Wood finish.

All DTX10 Series kits are powered by the new DTX-PROX module, which provides 14 trigger inputs, 256-note polyphony and the ability to layer up to four sounds per pad. It offers a full gigabyte of WAV ROM, with more than 700 voices and 70 preset kits, plus you can build up to 200 of your own custom user kits. Features include a unique Kit Modifier that allows you to instantly create your desired sound by simply turning Ambience, Compression and Effects knobs, along with a Fader Select knob and seven LED rotary faders for even more extensive editing capability. Plus, with the use of the free Yamaha Rec’n’Share app, you can take videos of your performance and share them without leaving the drum throne.

DTX8 Electronic Drums

DTX8 Series electronic drums provide the same aesthetics as the DTX10 Series, but at a more affordable price point. Two kit options are available: the DTX8K-X, which comes with TCS (Textured Cellular Silicone) pads, and the DTX8K-M, with REMO® two-ply mesh heads.

Full drum kit.
DTX8K-M in Black Forest finish.

The heart of the DTX8 is the DTX-PRO drum module, which comes loaded with hundreds of professionally-sampled sounds and effects, as well as 512 megabytes of WAV ROM. It provides 256-note polyphony and the ability to layer up to four sounds per pad, as well as 14 trigger inputs, a three-knob Kit Modifier for instant sonic tweaking, and a series of built-in training tools designed to allow players of every level to develop their drumming skills.

DTX6 Electronic Drums

DTX6 Series electronic drum kits provide an easy and fun way to practice and learn to play drums. There are three models to choose from — the DTX6K-X, DTX6K2-X and DTX6K3-X (shown below) — all equipped with a DTX-PRO module, as well as kick drum, snare drum, tom and cymbal pads.

Hybrid drum kit seen from above.


At NAMM, Yamaha will be demonstrating the EAD10 Electronic Acoustic Drum Module with mesh head drums and low volume cymbals, mounted on HW-3 lightweight hardware.

Small electronic units.
EAD10 module and sensor unit.

The EAD10 instantly transforms any acoustic drum set into a hybrid kit. Simply mount its sensor unit (which contains a pair of high-quality condenser microphones and a kick drum trigger) on the bass drum hoop. The microphones capture the entire kit, and the kick trigger can play any of the hundreds of drum or percussion sounds built into the EAD10 module. In addition, multi-zone snare and tom trigger inputs on the module can accept the output from a clip-on drum trigger such as the Yamaha DT50S, or from Yamaha XP Series and TP Series drum pads, making it possible to layer electronic sounds with the acoustic sound of the drums, or to expand your acoustic kit with electronic percussion, cymbals or effects.

PHX Series Drums

Also on display at NAMM will be top-of-the-line PHX Series drum sets — the ultimate musical instrument for drummers, handcrafted by our expert technicians.

Full drum kit.
PHX double bass drum set in Classic Maple finish.

PHX (short for “Phoenix”) drums are highly customizable and available in a wide variety of sizes. They all have hybrid shells made of Brazilian jatoba, North American maple and kapur for maximized attack and sustain while providing plenty of projection and warmth, along with a unique shell mounting and a specially designed hook lug system for a rich fundamental tone. And they look as beautiful as they sound, with your choice of Classic Maple or exotic Burled Ash finishes — even the hook lugs and aluminum die-cast hoops are available in either gold or chrome.

MS-9414 Series Marching Drums

Yamaha will also be showing the new and updated MS-9414 marching snare drum and MS-9414S piccolo marching snare drum.

Tall drum.
MS-9414 marching snare drum.
Short individual drum.
MS-9414S piccolo marching snare drum.

Continuing the legacy of the famed line of SFZ marching snare drums, the redesigned MS-9414 Series was built to satisfy director and player requirements through extensive field testing and evaluations with top DCI and WGI performing groups and artists. The augmented maple shell ensures a warm tone with excellent presence and projection, and additional air holes help produce precise snare articulation without reducing volume. A unique top hoop shape enhances the rimshot sound and reduces drumstick damage, and a new strainer design and knob shape allows quick fine-tuning and consistent snare tension while adjusting. In addition, redesigned hardware reduces weight without compromising tone or durability.

CFM-1414 Concert Field Snare Drum

Also on display will be the new CFM-1414 14-inch deep-body field drum, specially designed for concert performance.

Single tall drum.
CFM-1414 concert field snare drum.

The CFM-1414 utilizes the same type of eight-ply maple shell as the famed CSM Series, popular for its rich resonance and warm tone. Its deep body ensures ample volume and a fat sound, with vent holes and a snare bed that have been modified to enhance “snap” and response.

YPS200 and YMS100 Percussion / Percussion Mallet Stands

Another highlight will be the debut of the YPS200 percussion stand and YMS100 percussion mallet stand.

Xylophone on a stand.
YPS200 percussion stand.
Metal stand with tripod style feet holding a tray of drum mallets.
YMS100 percussion mallet stand.

These versatile and handy accessories have a variety of applications. The YPS200 rolling trap table can be used to hold tuning keys, spare sticks/mallets or small percussion instruments such as triangles, castanets or tambourines — even glockenspiels! The YMS100 is a noiseless mallet stand with a wide height-adjustment range, making it easily accessible to players of all heights.

New Randy May Carriers and Stands

Last but not least, Yamaha will be displaying new AIRLiftStadium Hardware, including RM-MASH bass drum stands as well as Randy May RM-FCEP field carriers and RM-ABSF marching drum carriers.

RM MASH B Bass Drum Stand 1 1900 X 3640
RM-MASH-B bass drum stand.

RM FCEP S Field Corps Snare Carrier   Front 4 1900 X 3640
RM-FCEP-S field corps snare carrier.

AIRLift Stadium Hardware saves wear and tear on percussion instruments and promotes proper playing technique, thus elevating any percussion section to a higher level of performance.

Remember, if you can’t make the show in person, you can always catch the highlights here!

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