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Jeff Coffin Video Series, Part 2: Caring for Vinyl

There’s more to playing records than just dropping the needle.

Being passionate about something means both being knowledgeable and nurturing that passion. Vinyl is no different. Aside from playing the records, it’s also important to maintain them.

In the first video in this series, Dave Matthews Band saxophonist Jeff Coffin took us to his favorite local record store and showed us how he shops for vinyl. In this installment, Jeff welcomes us into his home and talks about some of his favorite records, along with providing tips for the care and maintenance of vinyl.

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Ted Goslin
Ted Goslin is a content marketing specialist for the Yamaha Consumer Audio group who has dedicated his career to learning and writing about music and sound technology. His time as senior editor of Mobile Electronics magazine resulted in his being nominated twice for the Western Publishing Association MAGGIE Awards. Ted’s work at Mobile Electronics included small business best practices and exploring the emergence of new audio technology in blogs and feature articles. His music background includes over 20 years playing, teaching, and composing music for steel drums. He is also the editor and publisher of the popular online publication, PAN Magazine. Ted loves showing people the benefits of having quality audio in their home and helping them overcome common problems they experience while exploring various ...

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