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Making New Music Makers

Yamaha Music Education continues to expand.

Did you know that Yamaha Music Schools have been around for more than 50 years and have introduced more than 6,000,000 people to the joy of music, educating nearly 600,000 students each week?

That’s a lot of people making music!

And with six new schools opening in the US last year, we’re still growing.

Early on – in the mid-1950s, as a matter of fact – Genichi Kawakami, our company’s then-president, recognized the importance of helping others make music by opening the very first Yamaha Music School.

Like Mr. Kawakami, today’s experts recognize that music enhances cognitive reasoning, refines discipline and patience, and improves academic skills.

Besides, playing music is just plain fun!

So whether you’re a parent that wants to introduce your child to music or an adult that wants to learn to play, there is a Yamaha Music School program for you. And with over 50 locations nationwide, there’s likely to be one near you! Click here to find a music school or music dealer where you can enroll.

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