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Advice from Yamaha Master Educator Anthony Maiello

Watch How Successful Musicians Conduct Themselves

In my 52 years as a music educator, I have had many wonderful opportunities to grow and learn about music and life.

One of the key factors I can attribute my profession and personal growth is by being around good people who are also good musicians.

By doing this, I was able to learn much about teaching and performing music, but also about how it relates to life in both general and specific ways.

Observing prestigious successful musicians and how they conduct themselves in both musical and nonmusical settings has taught me many great “tricks of the trade.” Their influence has helped me engage others and share my passion for music with people of all ages.

This article originally appeared in the 2017 V2 issue of Yamaha SupportED. To see more back issues, find out about Yamaha resources for music educators, or sign up to be notified when the next issue is available, click here.