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Meet Yamaha Master Educator Dr. Emily Threinen

Band and Orchestra Group
Director of Bands, Associate Professor of Music
University of Minnesota

Dr. Emily Threinen is director of bands and associate professor of music at University of Minnesota. She consistently works with composers, arrangers and performing artists of varied disciplines.  Residencies and projects with composers and new compositions are integral to her creative work. She is an active and in-demand guest conductor, clinician, conference presenter and performer.

Passion with excellence motivates Threinen’s teaching. She aims to create an environment, whether it’s during a rehearsal, in the classroom, in private lessons, in public work­shops, etc., where students and educators can achieve something beyond what they previously thought possible. When working with students, she shares her ideas and processes in a way that inspires thought, feeling and creativity. When working with educators and conductors, she brings solid pedagogy, research, analysis and respect for tradition as well as incredibly high standards, inspiring the goal of being true to oneself.

Threinen is a true artist when it comes to programming and careful study of score, which she highlights in presentations titled “Connecting the Dots: Linking Score Study to Authentic Gestural Communication” and “You are What You Program: Developing a Programming Philosophy.”

Threinen is keenly aware of time when interacting with students and educators, recognizing every minute spent with a student or educator is a gift to be carefully considered. Success and develop­ment take time, investment and practice. Focused work and diligent awareness of oneself can spur educators and students toward success in both career and personal ambition. Inspiring directors to take time and make the long-term investment in their students’ development drives Threinen, and makes her a highly sought-after educator.

A few of Dr. Emily Threinen’s session titles are:
  • Passion from the Podium: Rehearsals Aiming to Inspire
  • Score Discovery: Finding Your Interpretation
  • We are What We Play: Developing a Programming Philosophy
  • V.I.P. Revisiting the Art, Craft, Responsibility, and Joy in our Work

To learn more about clinics by Dr. Emily Threinen, please contact Jalissa Gascho at

photo by Ann Marie Grocholski