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Meet Yamaha Master Educator Dr. Stan Renard

Music Business Group
Associate Dean, Associate Professor of Arts Management and Entrepreneurship,
Director of the Arts Incubation Lab, The University of Oklahoma
Executive Director, Monteux School and Music Festival

At The University of Oklahoma, Dr. Stan Renard is Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Arts Management and Entrepreneurship and the Director of the Arts Incubation Research Lab. He is also the Executive Director of the Monteux School and Music Festival.

Performer, researcher and multi-lingual presenter, Renard’s international and diverse background come into play in leading the Arts Management and Entrepreneurship at the University of Oklahoma. His exuberance for creating replicable mechanisms that serve to improve existing systems in a variety of organizations is only surpassed by his level of exhilaration when speaking about it.

During his time at The University of Texas at San Antonio, Stan developed a Music Business Curriculum in partnership with a local San Antonio high school, which empowered hundreds of students to contemplate careers in the music industry. When first offered, over 400 interested students tried to enroll, but only 60 participants could be accommodated. The second year of this highly successful curriculum is a practicum, which dovetailed into the program at UTSA.

In his sessions, Stan provides secondary school music educators and their students with successful working models that allow educators to expand their programs to address another facet of an education in music — that of a career path in the music industry.

A proponent of experiential learning, Renard’s teaching techniques are rooted in project-based undertakings. Through a reverse-engineering approach, students are challenged to create projects ranging from releasing recordings to creating pitch decks and even organizing media buying campaigns. His focus on team building, networking and a capacity for effective writing, helps his students develop the skills needed to become the effective industry leaders of tomorrow.

Focusing on continuous personal improvement and purpose, Stan lives a contagious “I-love-everything-I-do” attitude and his joyful perspective continues to inspire his students to achieve the unimaginable.

A few of Dr. Stan Renard’s session titles are:
  • Marketing Your Music Program Like A Pro!
  • Building a Top Music Industry Resume: Strategies Learned from Industry Demand
  • From Incubation to Delivery: An Application of Project Management
  • Spark New Research, Ignite Your Teaching with Music Data
  • Growing Your Network Capacity
  • The Entrepreneur Mindset
  • The Nexus of Entrepreneurial Culture and Digital Skills in Promoting Arts Entrepreneurship
  • Increasing Your Diversity of Experience

To learn more about clinics by Dr. Stan Renard, please contact Jalissa Gascho at