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3 Homework Activities that Encourage Parent Involvement

Enlist parents to reinforce the lessons from music class — these fun activities are sure to be enjoyed by students and their families.

Getting parents involved in their child’s music education is critical to their success. When the concepts and skills taught in class are reinforced at home, it creates a more holistic learning environment that improves retention and application of knowledge. Set the tone for the rest of the school year with these three fun activities parents and families can do together!

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1. Take-Home Interview Assignment

Directions: Have your students interview one of their family members on their first concert or favorite musician.

Questions can include:

  • How did you discover this artist?
  • Does this artist play an instrument? Which one(s)?
  • How does their music make you feel?
  • When did you attend this concert, and are you still a fan of the artist?
  • Bonus Activity: For extra fun, K-5 students can draw their interviewee with the chosen artist. This would be a great project to display at an open house.

2. Instrument Presentations or Jeopardy

two female students in music class with one playing the violinDirections: Assign an instrument to your students and, with the help of their parent or guardian, ask students to search online to answer a given set of questions. Some of these answers might be hard to find, but they’ll end their journey knowing a few more fun facts. Students can present these facts to the class, or the answers can be used to create an interactive round of classroom Jeopardy.

Questions can include:

  • When and where was the instrument invented?
    • For Jeopardy, provide clues to help your classmates identify the location.
  • What’s the loudest sound in decibels that this instrument can make?
  • Name three famous musicians, past or present, who play(ed) this instrument.
    • For Jeopardy, provide clues to help your classmates identify the musician.
  • Bonus Question: Is your instrument included in the New York Philharmonic? If so, can you name the current members that play this instrument? To personalize, swap in your local philharmonic.

3. A Karaoke Night

teen holding mic and singingDirections: Ask your students to craft a make-shift microphone, turn down the lights and throw their own karaoke night in the living room with their friends or family. Whether they use Disney singalongs or YouTube karaoke favorites, let everyone in the family get a chance to sing at the top of their lungs.


  • Write 2-3 paragraphs on the funniest part of the night and which song everyone sang.
  • Bonus Points: Include a photo with instruments and/or costumes!

Extra Credit: A Trip to Their Local Music Store

The greatest resource for keeping music alive in a household is the local music store. Many stores will host free workshops and small concerts that your students can attend for extra credit. Whether they want to be inspired or try out an instrument firsthand before purchasing or renting, the local music store can help your students find what they need to continue their musical adventures.

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