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Fred Coury

Luck is being prepared for opportunity — and Cubase makes you prepared for that opportunity.

From its speed of workflow and audio transparency to the inbuilt vocal correction and modeled amplifiers, Fred Coury relies on Steinberg Cubase.

Renowned for his drumming with the band Cinderella, Coury has fashioned a second career as a prolific composer for television and movies as well as sonic branding for sports teams. “I have a certain bar that has to be met, because I came from the world of tape,” he explains. “That’s a whole art that’s gone now, but I wanted something that sounded great, where you have the headroom, the top end and the low end, and everything in-between. I want to hear everything, and I don’t want the software to color the sound in any way at all. That’s why I’ve chosen Cubase — it’s really transparent.”

Being a drummer, Fred particularly appreciates the drum editing features offered by Cubase. “You should hear me play sometimes,” he says self-effacingly. “It sounds like a pair of sneakers in a drier! But Cubase just makes [my drumming] perfect. It’s such an easy editor.” Fred is also a big fan of the amp models in the VST Amp Rack that’s built into Cubase. “Whatever’s in this module not only sounds real, it feels real,” he enthuses. “That’s the most important thing.”

“They say that luck is being prepared for opportunity,” Coury observes. “Cubase makes you prepared for the opportunity.”

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