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Yamaha Educator Suite: Building the Next Generation of Music Educators

  • mariachi ensemble on stage holding sombreros over their heads

    Launch a Mariachi Program

    In its first few years, the Las Vegas High School Mariachi Program released a CD and performed for many dignitaries including President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.   

  • student playing guitar on stage

    The Power of Pop Music

    Student initiative is pervasive throughout the Huntington Beach High School’s pop music program, which emphasizes students’ ability to forge their own musical path. 

  • band members in a huddle before a performance

    Teach Student Leaders to Teach

    Empower your student leaders to be instructors and peer tutors, and they will take more ownership of your program.    

  • two students playing the flute

    Start a Flute Choir

    A specialized flute choir has incredible range and can play music that was originally composed for full orchestras, choirs or wind ensembles, which is nothing short of amazing! 

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frustrated woman with hand on her forehead

Avoid Burnout

When your attitude toward your career wavers,  don’t succumb to burnout. Stay inspired and inspiring rather than self-combusting.

computer mouse on sheet music

Creative Composition Activity

Ignite creativity with this lesson, which teaches composing and arranging as well as sight reading. 


Timpani Teaching Tips

Try these expert tips on fixing common errors that timpani students make. 

Reduce Performance Anxiety

How can we help our students deal with nerves and anxiety before a performance?   

Case Study: Strategic Storage and Scheduling Solutions

At Nutley Public Schools in New Jersey, the band program finds creative solutions to space and scheduling constraints. 

yarn-covered mallets

How to Choose the Right Mallet

The mallet you need will depend on the instrument, music, repertoire and style. Do your homework before starting your mallet collection. 

Pablo Rieppi

Pablo Rieppi’s Passion for Percussion

A single-minded focus drove Pablo Rieppi to become an inspirational performer and dedicated educator. 

computer with Dorico on the screen

Import Notation Files into Dorico

Create a complete library of your old scores, worksheets and arrangements by importing them into Dorico. 

winds ensemble

Navigating Vibrato on Woodwinds

Try this unconventional approach with your high school winds section to master vibrato. 

Al Bernstein

Q&A with Sportscaster Al Bernstein

Known as the “voice of boxing” and as an inductee into the International Boxing Hall of Fame, Al Bernstein is also a singer! Find out how this sportscaster started this side gig.

woman playing the violin

My String Instrument is Making a Weird Sound — What is It?

Quick ways to diagnose and fix vibration and buzzing on violins, violas and cellos.