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How to Easily Expand Your Outdoor Sound System

Awesome sound systems aren’t limited to inside the house.

In the last decade, home owners have increasingly turned their attention to the backyard as a way to expand their living space. The outdoors is no longer just about the occasional barbecue or party. These days, people view their patios and lawns as extensions of their home.

And it’s becoming more common to see decks, patios and gazebos as elaborate as anything inside the house. Outside entertainment systems – complete with sound systems and TVs – have become one of the most popular outdoor upgrades.

Bring the Sound System Outside

There are countless ways to configure your backyard entertainment experience. Yamaha has a wide range of outdoor speakersreceivers, wireless streaming amplifiers and other components to create the sound system that fits your needs.

You can set up a simple outdoor system that lets you enjoy the same music playing on the multi-zone AV receiver inside the house while you’re lounging on the patio. Two high quality outdoor speakers mounted under a patio can deliver more than enough to fill the average enclosed space with sound.

All-weather speakers from Yamaha, such as the NS-AW150 model, fit this bill perfectly. They come in a pair and are designed with a wide dispersion pattern that delivers great sound quality over a large listening area (100 ft2 to 400 ft2). Have a bigger area? Two pairs of speakers are suggested for use in an area up to 600 ft2.

Yamaha has numerous outdoor speaker models to give you a wide variety of installation options.

A pair of white outdoor speakers.
Yamaha offer numerous outdoor speaker models to choose from, including the NS-AW570 (shown here), which can be painted any color.

Take It to the Next Level

If you’re looking for something more elaborate, your outdoor sound system setup might include several sets of paired speakers across multiple locations throughout your yard, such as the patio, the pool deck or the barbecue area.

Even if you just have a single pair of speakers, you can easily take your entertainment experience to the next level by adding a Yamaha wireless streaming amplifier, which features MusicCast. MusicCast makes it possible to share music with other rooms in your house.

A MusicCast amp essentially turns your outdoor speakers into a MusicCast device. Not only will you now be able to share music with other MusicCast-enabled devices, but you also can stream music from Bluetooth® and AirPlay®, giving you instant access to music from your smartphone, tablet, computer and other devices.

Live Wherever You Are

Once you’ve set up your outdoor sound system just the way you like it, it’s time to enjoy the outdoors – and the summer – the way you’ve always wanted.

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