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About Warren G. Mize

Warren G. Mize is the director of The Patterson Center for Performing Arts in East Central Independent School District, San Antonio, Texas. He has earned a B.A. in Music Theory and Composition, an M.A. in Theology, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. His research focuses on leadership development of secondary music teachers and directors. He is a distinguished recipient of Give A Note’s Music Education Innovator Award, sponsored by the Country Music Association Foundation, for his design and implementation of a two-year high school music business and industry course that serves as a curricular model for high schools across the nation. He was awarded the Leroy Smith Jackie Christenson Award for Educator Excellence. As a conference panelist and speaker, Mize advocates music education that reflects present-day trends and prepares students to succeed in the job market. Additionally, he leads performance ensemble tours at world-class venues across the globe, including Carnegie Hall, Sydney Opera House, and Vienna Musikverein. He is an accomplished pianist and conductor and holds memberships with MEIEA, the Texas Music Administrators Conference, and other state and national music education associations.