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Are You Ready to Make an Impact?

9000 Series Impact Drums can play a dual role in your school’s music program.

With four sizes from 18″ to 24″, Yamaha 9000 Series Impact Drums can play a dual role in your school’s music program, acting as a low extension for concert toms or as a responsive high extension for concert bass drums. They provide punchy, deep tones with excellent projection and offer a wider choice of instrumentation for a variety of musical needs.

Close-up shot of bass drum with traditional claw hooks.
Impact Drum claw hooks.

Their 16″ deep birch ply shells (two inches deeper than most small bass drums) deliver rich low-frequency harmonics as well as outstanding definition and clarity. All shells and hoops are constructed using the original Yamaha Air Seal System, with air pressure utilized to achieve uniform thickness and roundness for excellent tone and durability. And, unlike conventional bass drum stands, FB-9000 Series Impact Drums can be set to place the top head at the ideal playing height and position, with ultra-stable legs that have been customized to allow ample height adjustment for standing performance, with clamping brackets that effectively prevent slippage. In addition, the claw hooks feature the same traditional design as most marching bass drum models, where the tops of the tuning bolts do not protrude above the top of the hoop, preventing contact while playing and allowing the player to concentrate more fully on their performance.

Check out the videos below to hear what these extraordinary drums sound like, and find out what James Beauton of UCSD, Matt Cook of the LA Percussion Quartet, Tony Nunez of Arcadia High School and Axel Clarke of CSULB think of Yamaha 9000 Series Impact Drums.

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