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Yamaha Mallet Resource Guide

A mallet percussion guide for young musicians and educators.

We created this guide to help students learn more about mallet percussion and help them develop their knowledge and musicality, thus establishing a solid foundation on which to build technical and musical skills. It is designed to act as an effective supplement to any classroom method book and includes exercises, scales and études.

The Yamaha Mallet Resource Guide is split into the following five sections:

1. Music Fundamentals

An introduction to music fundamentals, including the treble clef, major scale, note values, dynamics, the circle of fifths and a glossary.

2. Hand Warm-Ups

Basic exercises to get the student’s hands moving.

3. Major Scales

All of the major scales are notated for easy reference.

4. Scale Patterns

These exercises can be used to strengthen the student’s knowledge of the major scales.

5. Études

These short études will help the student develop their musicality.


Click here to download the Yamaha Mallet Resource Guide.

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