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Presenting the New Generation SILENT Bass™

Advanced technologies take this revolutionary instrument to the next level.

Open bodied upright bass.

Yamaha introduced the first SILENT Bass™ — a revolutionary instrument that allowed bassists to practice and perform with authentic tone and feel but no acoustic sound — twenty years ago. The SLB300 SILENT Bass represents the latest generation of electric upright basses, with advancements that allow the player to control every aspect of their sound with the press of a button. Newly incorporated Studio Response Technology (SRT) provides realistic body resonance so that the performer’s own playing technique and nuances are delivered without compromise. In addition to a piezo pickup and EQ controls, it also provides three different high-end microphone models, from the clear, warm sound of a dynamic to the rich timbre of classic vintage vacuum tube mics. Unlike an acoustic bass, the SLB300 is an easily transportable instrument that can be packed into a TSA case without fear of being damaged en route, and it allows players to perform in places where they may have previously feared to bring an expensive acoustic instrument, such as an outdoor gig on a hot, humid day.

Want to know what top bassists Nathan East, Chris Minh Doky, Kenny Davis, Jim Widner and Charley Sabatino think of the SLB300 SILENT Bass? Check out the video!

Ready to learn more? Check out our blog article “Feel Through Your Five Senses” for an interview with SILENT Bass lead designer Shinya Tamura.


Click here for more information about the Yamaha SLB-300 SILENT Bass.

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