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Discover Yamaha TransAcoustic Guitars

Are you ready to be inspired?

For acoustic guitar enthusiasts, playing a TransAcoustic guitar is quite an experience. Imagine hearing a lush chorus or ambient reverb coming from the guitar’s sound hole, without the use of an external effect box or amplifier.

When TransAcoustic technology was first introduced two years ago in our handcrafted L Series instruments, it caused a major stir in the guitar world. And now it’s available in the legendary line of Yamaha FG and FS acoustic guitars too!

Where Does the Magic Come From?

There is one commonly asked question when it comes to TransAcoustic guitars: “How does it do it?”

The answer lies in a small metal device called an actuator, installed on the inside surface of the back of every TA guitar. This reacts in response to the vibrations of the strings when the guitar is being played. The actuator then transfers those vibrations to the rest of the guitar and to the air in and around the body, generating authentic reverb and chorus effects that project acoustically through the sound hole.

Small round metal disc held in place against a wooden frame with a metal bracket.
TransAcoustic guitar actuator.

All this is controlled by three simple knobs that let you adjust the amount of chorus and reverb, as well as a line out volume level for the built-in piezo pickup — which, again, is not needed to create the TransAcoustic effects, although the effected sound can indeed be sent to an external amplifier if you like.

Woman's hand resting on the side of the body of an acoustic guitar pointing to three little plastic knobs on the side of the guitar..


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