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MJ Ultra and the FG-TA TransAcoustic Guitar

“I know that I’m not wearing headphones, but I feel like I am.”

One of the coolest things about making groundbreaking products is the way they inspire musicians to new levels of performance and songwriting. Take, for example, Yamaha TransAcoustic guitars. These remarkable instruments are able to produce ambient reverb and chorus without the need for any external pedals, effect boxes or amplifiers.

Yes, you read that right: the reverb and chorus literally comes out of the body of the guitar, surrounding you in the air. And if you do want those effects coming through a speaker, no problem: just plug it into your amp or P.A. system, thanks to the guitar’s built-in piezo pickup.

“As a songwriter, you want to get inside every chord,” says MJ Ultra, an LA-based singer/songwriter whose music has been featured in multiple feature films and television shows. Watch his classic reaction when we first put an FG-TA in his hands!


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