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Four Reasons I Travel With My Yamaha SILENT Guitar™

Portability, great sound, eye-catching looks and reliability make this a great travel companion.

As a touring musician, I always look for a guitar that can work for me in all different situations — anything from playing live on a big stage to jamming in a small club to doing studio sessions. The SILENT Guitar™  from Yamaha, with its revolutionary design, more than fits the bill. Here are four reasons I take it with me wherever I go.

1. Portability: The SILENT Guitar has been with me all over the world, from Asia to the Middle East and Europe, and it’s never failed me. But it’s also extremely easy to travel with. That’s because you can actually unscrew the guitar’s body to make it even more portable! Since there’s also an option to plug your headphones straight into the guitar, it makes a great guitar to practice on, whether you’re travelling or when you simply need to dig down by yourself.

Several views of a Yamaha SILENT Guitar.

2. Sound: The built-in preamp on this guitar delivers great sound. I have played several gigs where people ask me where my pedals are and I tell them I don’t have any; it’s just me and the SILENT Guitar straight into the mixer! Plus, with its built-in effects, I know that no matter what PA system I encounter at a venue, I can always have my own settings to get the sound I need. Just plug and play!

3. Look: Audiences are always amazed at the look of the SILENT Guitar; its elegant and artistic design always draws eyes wherever I play. People can’t believe that, even though there is no body, they’re still hearing that full, beautiful warm sound coming through the speakers.

4. Quality/Reliability: A good quality instrument should allow you to focus on the main goal: to perform and express your inner feelings and thoughts out through the strings to the audience. I’ve played my Yamaha SILENT Guitar on tons of stages over an eight-year period and I’ve never had any serious problems with the electronics or structure of the instrument. I’ve been able to count on it throughout my career, and that’s why it will continue to be one of my main guitars for life!

Check out this video of Alex playing his SILENT Guitar:

Animated GIF courtesy of the author.


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