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Home Theater on a Budget, Part 2: Intermediate System

Take your home theater to the next level.

In the first article in this series, we learned that creating the perfect home theater experience on a limited budget is an entirely realistic goal. In this installment, we’re going to level up.

Here are some tools to assemble a quality intermediate level home entertainment system at an affordable price:

Main Speakers

Main Speakers

Designed specifically for home theater applications, the Yamaha NS-333 bookshelf speakers are an ideal match with the RX-V485. They allow you to properly implement its CINEMA DSP 3D feature and capture all the subtleties of surround sound in all of your favorite content.
Center Channel Speaker

Center Channel Speaker

The main purpose of a center channel speaker is to boost dialogue, leaving the other speakers to capture background noise, explosions, music and other elements occurring on screen. A good choice here is the Yamaha NS-C444 which is designed to help deliver the Dialogue Level Adjustment and Dialogue Lift features in the RX-V485, allowing all dialogue to come through clearly, regardless of other sounds it may be competing with on-screen.


A quality subwoofer is a must for any home theater setup, since it allows you to feel the low-end action such as explosions, fight scenes and car chases. The Yamaha NS-SW100 powered subwoofer delivers all that and more, with a special Twisted Flare Port that adds clear, tight bass sounds to your favorite content.


As with any home theater system, make sure to leave room in your budget for speaker wire, HDMI cables, speaker stands and other accessories you might want to include with your system.

Now the only thing you’ll have to do as you enjoy your new home theater system is to decide where to rest your feet!


Part 3 of our “Home Theater on a Budget” series, covering advanced systems, can be found here.

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