How do you attract the best students and faculty? Provide them the best pianos and keyboards.

Music Education has long been at the heart and soul of Yamaha. Our tradition of innovation helps to keep Yamaha at the forefront of music and technology so that we can contribute to the success of your institution. Partnering with Yamaha brings a wide variety of resources, such as live concert broadcasts, long distance master classes, fundraising concerts performed by world-class artists and even technical services. From a student’s first Music Theory 101 class to playing a senior recital in the concert hall – we have a solution.

Institutional Solutions Group

The music student’s experience touches every room of the institution. From the practice room to the concert hall, our dedicated team has a tailored-solution to fit your needs.

Using the Yamaha MLC-200 Lab Controller in the Classroom

Students work well in groups, particularly if the more advanced students are mentoring the others. But teaching music students in large groups can be challenging for the instructor, for a variety of reasons. For one thing, many schools have students at varying skill levels together in one class. In addition, students playing their instruments while you are trying to instruct the class can be fr…

Buying New Timpani? Here’s What You Need to Know

Nine important tips for band directors.

Improve Your Stage Presence

Tips on stage etiquette.

Caution! Are You Moving Your Timpani Correctly?

Three steps to ensure proper timpani movement.

Teaching Mallet Percussion with the YX-230 Tabletop Xylophone

Creating a useful tool for the beginning percussion student.

The Practicing / Jamming / Creating Trichotomy

How to find time to do all three.

Looking for a Student Violin? Here Are Six Important Questions to Ask

Put your child on the road to success with their first violin.

Crowdfunding for the Classroom

Jeff Coffin and Yamaha take to the road in support of music educators

How to Make Your Percussion Camp a Success, Part 2

Launching a successful marketing campaign, and what do to during and after the event.

Piano Maestro and the Clavinova CSP

Ready to learn to play piano? There’s an app for that.

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