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Get More From Your MONTAGE, MODX and CP88/CP73

Expand the functionality of your instrument with these free OS updates.

Yamaha has announced operating system updates for MONTAGE and MODX synthesizers, as well as for CP88/CP73 Series Stage Pianos. Each OS update incorporated feedback from our synth user community and is completely free.

Let’s take a closer look at the new capabilities added by each.

MONTAGE OS v3.0 and MODX OS v2.0

The new OS updates bring these two synthesizers much closer together in terms of operation. The only difference is that MODX doesn’t have the MONTAGE DAW Remote mode … yet! Other than that, MONTAGE OS v3.0 and MODX OS v2.0 offer the same basic features. Check out this overview from Yamaha synth specialist Dom Sigalas:

One of the big new features in MONTAGE OS v3.0 (in response to requests from many MONTAGE users) is the addition of a Pattern Sequencer. This is not only great for sequencing your favorite tunes but can also be used to create arrangements on the fly. In this video, Yamaha synth specialist Blake Angelos shows you how it works:

MONTAGE OS v3.0 also provides new Performances, a new MIDI mode, and extended synth features such as a Wave Folder effect that’s like a distortion, but instead of “clipping” the waveform it “folds” it back into itself; a VCM Mini Filter and Mini Booster for classic, fat and smooth analog-style tone shaping; and an Extended LFO for adding variety from slow and subtle to fast and edgy. Here’s a video that demonstrates these features:

Also be sure to check out our artist interview videos featuring Tori Letzler, Michael Patrick and Avery*Sunshine talking about the new MONTAGE White with OS v3.0.

Go to to learn more, or, if you’re ready to jump in, download the new OS for MONTAGE here and MODX here.

CP OS v1.5

CP OS v1.5 for the CP88 and CP73 Stage Piano adds many new Voices and Live Set Sounds, including 30 to the Sub Section. These focus on the support sounds keyboard players need, such as bass, leads, pads, brass and more. Check out this demo with Yamaha synth specialist Blake Angelos and keyboardist Manuele Montesanti:

In addition, the new OS expands the control capabilities of these instruments and adds several shortcuts for even faster navigation. You can download CP OS v1.5 here.


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