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3 Improvisation Impediments and How to Fix Them

Denis DiBlasio stays flexible as a teacher and jazz saxophist by flipping three reasons why people don’t succeed as improvisers. 

In Denis DiBlasio: Jazz Saxophonist, Music Educator and Storyteller, we learned about Denis DiBlasio‘s background as a jazz saxophonist and music educator.

When asked if his experience improvising in jazz impacts his ability to stay flexible as a teacher and performer DiBlasio recalls what jazz pianist Denny Zeitlin said in an interview with Monk Rowe: There are three reasons people don’t succeed as improvisers.

1. They need to be in control.

2. They’re afraid of looking bad and making a mistake.

3. They sabotage their own success out of guilt.

“Flip it and ask, what do I get from jazz and improv?” DiBlasio asks. “It’s probably taught me not to worry about being in control. It’s probably taught me not to worry about failing. And I don’t have any guilt about liking it or being good at it. Those are the gifts from working with jazz.”

Photo by Rob Shanahan for Yamaha Corporation of America

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