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Bring Out Your Inner Musician with the Clavinova CSP

Learn how to play your favorite songs using your smart device.

You’ve always wanted to play piano, but can’t dedicate enough time to conventional lessons. Or maybe you’ve been playing for years, but you’re looking to expand your repertoire and find new inspiration.

The new Clavinova CSP provides a revolutionary solution, allowing you to learn how to play many of your favorite songs on the piano – regardless of your playing level. Through the use of an innovative app, it enables you to access your music library on your mobile device, analyze the chord structure of any song you choose, and produce a piano score taught via interactive “Stream Lights” above each key.

Learn to play using your smart device and the Smart Pianist app

The CSP is the first Clavinova where most of the features are accessed through a tablet or smartphone, using an exclusive app called Smart Pianist, available for iOS and Android™. Just download Smart Pianist onto your device, then plug your device directly into the USB port behind the music rack on the CSP and enjoy a fully customizable playing experience.

The heart of Smart Pianist lies in its unique Audio-to-Score function, which analyzes iTunes® songs from your music library and then generates a piano accompaniment and score for pretty much any song you’d like to play. The notes are displayed on your iPad® or iPhone®, and as you play along with the song, the pages turn automatically. You can even adjust the complexity of the arrangement by going into the app settings and choosing how many notes you’re comfortable playing with each hand.

Additionally, there are 100 popular and classical songs by artists like Adele, Sting, Elton John and Coldplay already built into the app, along with 303 lessons by Beyer, Czerny, Hanon and Burgmüller – all accessible with a touch of a button.

Stream Lights: A New Approach to Learning

The Clavinova CSP-150 and CSP-170 essentially turn learning to play piano into a game, drawing inspiration from popular music simulator games like Guitar Hero™ and Rock Band™. After you select a popular song that you’d like to play, ladders of cascading “Stream Light” LEDs above each key illuminate in sync with the song’s tempo. When the song starts playing, the lights move down towards the keys and all you have to do is strike the keys as the lights reach them. Now you can take the basic premise of popular video games and put it to practical use, learning how to play popular songs on an actual musical instrument. It’s a new, fun, technology-driven way to play along with original artist recordings of many of your favorite songs.

The Clavinova CSP can inspire you to make music in ways that conventional lessons never have before. Gone are the days of playing tedious scales repeatedly. The Smart Pianist app, paired with the Stream Lights function, helps you learn to play virtually any song you already own – and have always wanted to play.

For more information about the Clavinova CSP-150 and CSP-170, click here.

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