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Choosing the Right Keyboard When You Have Space Limitations

Keyboards you can tuck away when not in use.

I live in Manhattan, so getting creative with my limited living space is a necessity – I won’t be purchasing an acoustic grand piano any time soon. A portable keyboard is much more manageable for me. Want to maximize your music capabilities with minimum space?

Someone walking down the street with a digital keyboard.

As a piano teacher, I always recommend that a keyboard have its own spot where it lives –  preferably, set on a keyboard stand with a music rest and sustain pedal connected. That way, you can sit down at any time, turn it on and be ready to play.

I understand that in many cases this type of arrangement just isn’t feasible due to space limitations, so there are some great solutions for streamlining the storage and setup of your keyboard.

A perfect example is the PSR-E Series of portable keyboards from Yamaha. All models in this series feature 61 keys, have a relatively small footprint and are only about 3 feet long. They’re also not that thick – by which I mean tall. This is important because all of these keyboards can be stowed away quite easily – under the bed or in the closet have historically been fan favorites.

Now if your PSR-E series keyboard is going to stay in your living space and not do any traveling, a soft bag with a modicum of padding should be sufficient. This will protect the instrument and keep the number of nicks, scuffs and bumps to a minimum when storing and retrieving it. Most soft bags also have at least one pocket to store the power supply, sustain pedal, headphones, etc.

Every keyboard needs a stand to rest upon, and a perfect complement to any PSR-E series keyboard is the Yamaha L3C stand. It’s lightweight, collapsible, and screws right into the bottom of the instrument for optimal stabilization when playing. This stand can also easily be stowed under a bed or in a closet.

By utilizing these space-saving tips, I hope you’ve become inspired to invest in a portable keyboard and begin your journey of musical education.


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