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Introducing the CVP800 Series Clavinova

Bringing the sound of the world’s finest concert grand pianos to your fingertips.

Say hello to the Clavinova CVP800 Series — a musical entertainment center that brings the sound of not just one, but two of the world’s finest and most prominent concert grand pianos (Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial) to your fingertips, as well as hundreds of other ultra-realistic instrument sounds.

All three models — the CVP-805, CVP-809 and CVP-809GP — offer a wealth of interactive features capable of making music fun for anyone, regardless of skill level or experience. These include:

Grand Touch keyboard action: The most advanced digital piano action Yamaha has ever made, reproducing the touch and dynamic range of a concert grand better than ever. It features an escapement mechanism that reproduces the feel of an acoustic piano as it goes through the let-off and drop of the hammer when a key is played very softly.

88-key linear graded hammers that give each key a unique weight for the smoothest playing experience from high to low. The CVP-809 and CVP-809GP models also feature carefully adjusted counterweights for improved playability when playing pianissimo and better key return in rapid passages.

Synthetic ebony and ivory keytops for classic piano touch.

The Genos Sound Engine from our flagship arranger workstation that provides outstanding playing response as well as hundreds of high-quality instrument Voices and professionally arranged Styles and Accompaniments.

Binaural sampling technology for three-dimensional sound that recreates the perspective of the player position through headphones.

A large color touchscreen so you can easily see the state of Voice and Style assignments and quickly access and adjust numerous settings.

Karaoke fun: Simply plug in a microphone to sing along with on-screen lyrics. You can even add lush harmonies to your singing voice with virtual backup singers!

A Chord Looper that allows you to record and loop your chord progressions, freeing you up to experiment with two-hand playing or soloing without having to worry about playing the changes.

A Playlist function that lets you attach a number of settings (such as Style, MIDI/audio song, Registration Memories, etc.) to any song entry you create for instant recall when it’s time to perform.

– An enhanced Piano Room so you can select from even more pianos and choose the type of room you’re in.

In Session Mode you can even invite a small ensemble along to play with you and record your performance with a built-in recording studio.

Bluetooth® audio support that enables you to wirelessly connect your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod Touch® so you can listen to, learn and play along with your favorite songs.

Super Articulation Voices (CVP-805) or Super Articulation 2 (SA2) Voices (CVP-809/809GP) that intuitively reproduce the natural expressive nuances of non-keyboard instruments such as flute or guitar, allowing you to achieve realistic expression, both automatically and with the use of switches.

The CVP-805 is available in matte black or polished ebony finishes, while the CVP-809 is available in polished ebony or polished white finishes. The flagship CVP-809GP is housed in a polished ebony grand piano cabinet.

CVP 805 Body Image 1kx800
CVP-805 (matte black finish).
CVP 809 Body Image 1kx800
CVP-809 (polished white finish).

Digital grand piano.


Ready to see and hear the CVP800 in action? Check out this video:

You can find more CVP800 Clavinova videos here.


Click here for information about the CVP800 Clavinova.

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