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What Are Style Files?

Add complete backing tracks to your performance.

Graphic overlay of words "Pop Style File" on hand gripping microphone on stand.

Style Files allow you to play your Yamaha keyboard along with complete backing tracks that you control! These files can be used for playing hit songs in a variety of musical genres, for creating original new music, or for refining your improvisational skills.

How They Work

Styles are controlled by the chords you play with your left hand. When you play a chord on your Yamaha keyboard, an entire backing ensemble will join your performance based on the structure of the chord being played. From rock to jazz, classical to country, easy listening to R&B, Style Files will make you sound like a pro!

Here’s a brief video tutorial demonstrating how they work:

When you’re ready to take a whole band with you wherever you go, check out all the available Styles.

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