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Quick Peek: Yamaha Violin Custom Workshop

Take a tour of the Yamaha Violin Custom Workshop in Hamamatsu, Japan.

Did you know that Yamaha has been hand-making traditional violins in the Yamaha Violin Custom Workshop in Hamamatsu, Japan for more than 15 years?

This center for research and development of stringed instruments also functions as a traditional violin making workshop. It is here where skilled craftsmen collaborate with sound engineers to study and improve instrument making for all Yamaha stringed instruments.

Here is your opportunity to take a tour and see these craftsmen in action:


Heather Mansell
Heather Mansell, an accomplished violinist, has served Yamaha as a member of the marketing team in two countries. She started with Yamaha Canada in Toronto after her orchestra stand partner offered her a retail job at a downtown violin shop. Heather is now based in the Southern California headquarters of Yamaha Corporation of America, and is the segment marketing manager focused on education. She is a mom to a baby girl, and enjoys exploring art, music, languages, history and architecture.

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