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Yamaha Holiday Shopping Guide

Ultimate Buying Guide

Five luxury gift suggestions for the musician or music aficionado in your life.

Sometimes you’ve just got to splurge. When that “special someone” is a really special someone, you need to find a holiday gift to match. And if that someone happens to be a musician or an aficionado who takes their music seriously, your task might seem a little harder.

Fear not! Here are five high-end gift suggestions for that talented spouse, child or grandchild in your life.

Extravagant? A little.

But, hey, they’re worth it.

AVENTAGE CX-A5200 Preamp / MX-A5200 Power Amp

AVENTAGE CX-A5200 Preamp /
MX-A5200 Power Amp

For the audio or home theater connoisseur who demands the very best, you can’t go wrong with the powerhouse combination of a Yamaha CX-A5200 AVENTAGE AV preamplifier and MX-A5200 AVENTAGE power amplifier.

The CS-A5200 offers 11.2-channel playback and up to 7.2.4-channel processing, and comes packed with a slew of advanced features and technologies, including support for Dolby Atmos®, DTS:X™, Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® and AirPlay®, as well as MusicCast for wireless multi-room playback and voice control using an Alexa device like Echo or Echo Dot. Inputs and outputs include balanced XLR outputs, HDMI with HDCP 2.2 (7 in/3 out), 4K Ultra HD, HDR10, Dolby Vision™, Hybrid Log-Gamma and BT.2020 — and for retro buffs, there’s even a phono input! There’s also built-in Surround:AI™ technology to automatically optimize the sound in real time and YPAO R.S.C. for 3D, 64-bit precision EQ calculation and angle measurement. Acronyms, anybody?

The core of the MX-A5200 is a Yamaha engineered toroidal transformer and custom block capacitors. They deliver a whopping 150 watts of power (into 8 ohms, 2-channel driven) and impressive audio specs: 0.06% Total Harmonic Distortion and a full-range 20Hz-20Hz frequency response. Additional high-end features include noise resistant XLR balanced connections, gold-plated speaker terminals, a bi-amping channel selector, Bridge-Tied Load (BTL) support and Auto Power Standby. Pair it with the CX-A5200 and your favorite speakers for the ultimate audio experience!



When a hammer strikes a string on an acoustic piano, all the elements of the instrument resonate harmoniously to amplify and accentuate your performance. Yamaha TransAcoustic™ technology uses those same elements to bring digital sounds to life — essentially making a piano behave like a speaker.

For the ultimate in the TransAcoustic piano experience, check out the Yamaha C3X TA2, which marries second-generation TA2 technology to a fastidiously crafted 6’1″ CX Series grand piano — world-renowned for its clean attack, sparkling tone, and transparent harmonics. It comes with 20 pre-installed sounds such as electric piano, harpsichord, organ, strings, choir and synth pad, any of which can be played on its own or layered with the sound of the piano. There are also 50 preset songs so you can play a duet with yourself, or simply sit back and enjoy the playback.

MODX8 Synthesizer

MODX synthesizer keyboard.

For over four decades, Yamaha synthesizers have inspired musicians the world over. From the DX7, which helped define the sound of the 1980s, to the MOTIF and MONTAGE models used by today’s top stage and studio artists, Yamaha has long been a name associated with cutting-edge synthesizer technology. With the MODX Series, the bar has been raised further still, and the top-of-the-line MODX8, with its 88 graded and weighted keys, will appeal to both synthesists wanting to construct new sounds never heard before and pianists requiring a realistic piano touch.

MODX includes two synthesizer engines that enable everything from playback of sampled instruments such as the Yamaha CFX 9′ and Bösendorfer Imperial 290 concert grand to the creation of a nearly infinite variety of tones, from clear and bell-like to percussive and cutting or even distorted and chaotic. In addition, Motion Control allows simultaneous control of multiple sounds in complex ways: For example, you can turn a symphonic string section into a string quartet in a perfectly seamless manner, or change a gentle synth pad into the sound of a bell — all in real time, or in perfect synchronization with other instruments in your electronic arsenal. Weighing in at just 30.4 lbs, the MODX8 is compact, lightweight and portable, too!

DZR10 Powered Loudspeaker / DXS15XLF Subwoofer

DZR10 Powered Loudspeaker /
DXS15XLF Subwoofer

If you know someone who’s into live sound or is in a band, they’re probably in need of a good PA system. You can’t do much better than a couple of Yamaha DZR10 powered loudspeakers, along with our DXS15XLF subwoofer.

The DZR10 delivers a truly professional sound with a level of power that belies its compact, lightweight design. It’s a 2-way speaker system with a 10″ low frequency cone and 2″ high frequency driver, along with a massive 2000 watts of power for a maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL) of 137 dB, covering a full 44Hz – 20kHz frequency range, ideal for today’s live sound demands. What’s more, a built-in 96kHz DSP and FIR filter guarantee true high-resolution sound with super low latency. The DZR10 can be used as either a FOH (Front of House) speaker or as an onstage monitor, and its rotatable horn and variety of U-bracket options allow for flexible setup and speaker placement options.

While the DZR10 delivers plenty of low end on its own, for that real kick in the seat of the pants required by much of today’s music, you’ll want to pair it with a perfectly matched DXS15XLF subwoofer. This powered bass-reflex type 15″ subwoofer with 4″ voice coil adds extended low frequency from 33Hz to 150Hz, with 1600 watts of power for a maximum SPL of 136dB. An intuitive LCD display allows you to access a variety of DSP functions and load presets, or make precise adjustments to EQ, delay and routing. Both the DZR10 and DXS15XLF are housed in lightweight yet durable plywood cabinets with premium grade Polyurea coating to stand up to the rigors of the road. Optional speaker covers can be added for extra protection, along with a wheel kit for extra portability.

TP-3300 Series Timpani


Set of four matched timpani drums.

For the timpanist or percussionist in your life (or even the drummer looking to expand their horizons), you’ll want to check out the Yamaha TP-3300 Series, which delivers fully professional sound in a portable package. It features aluminum bowls with the same shape as the top-of-the-line Yamaha models (TP-7300/6300/4300 Series), as well as hoops and Renaissance heads that work together to create a deep, sustained tone. The dimensions of the bowls have been carefully designed to allow even beginners to bring out the full sonic potential of these instruments with ease, but no effort has been spared in achieving easy operation, including large casters for smooth movement, pedals with a stable operating feel, and leg and pedal heights that adjust easily. And unlike many other timpani, they’re easily moveable: The lightweight bowls and the ease with which the pedals and legs can be retracted make the entire system conveniently compact and easy to transport.

In addition, TP-3300 Series timpani all come with a tuning indicator that can be easily relocated to the left or right side of the instrument to facilitate German or international setups. The indicator rail and pointer are carefully constructed of materials that contribute to noise-free operation.


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