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Yamaha Clarinet Bore Taper Explained

These are the differences between the CS series clarinet and the SE series clarinet.

At first glance, the Yamaha CS series clarinets and SE series clarinets may appear somewhat similar. However, there are several important design differences that result in sonic variances, too:

  • The bore of CS clarinets provides a clear, focused tone with excellent projection. The sound is well-centered and extremely flexible, providing a wide pallette of tonal colors.
  • The SE bore produces a warm, round tonality with an abundance of resonance and rich overtones. SE series clarinets blend easily with other instruments, yet are equally suitable for solos.
Clarinet CS and SE keys closeup.

As shown in the illustration on the right, the CS bore is more cylindrical than the SE bore and less “under- cutting” (and more upper) than SE tone holes.

The right-hand chimney tone hole illustrations below show the difference between the tone hole shapes, and the sectional view of the two models shows the difference in bore (note also that the CS has a thicker wall than the SE):

Diagrams showing difference in clarinet bore tapers.

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