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Introducing the YBS-62II Professional E♭ Baritone Saxophone

A second-generation instrument that builds on an impressive legacy.

Yamaha YBS-62 custom baritone saxophone.

The Yamaha YBS-62 Professional Baritone Saxophone has garnered admiration and respect from musicians for over 35 years. The new second-generation YBS-62II model retains the same level of playability and quality while bringing improvements in ergonomics and intonation.

Incorporating high-end features from the recently released YBS-82 Custom Baritone Saxophone, the new key layout of the YBS-62II allows you to play faster and more comfortably than ever before. A shorter bell design enhances playability and intonation in all registers, especially centering the notes in the low range of the saxophone. Integrated key posts (attaching multiple posts onto a single plate/rib) help to impart a moderate level of resistance while delivering a solid tonal core. And a hydro-formed neck and responsive bore design ensure a response that is quick, in-tune and rich in tone. The YBS-62II comes with a hard case with wheels, and an optional detachable peg can be used to help support the weight of the instrument.

With the YBS-62II, you can join the giants that have played the YBS-62 for decades!


Click here to learn about the Yamaha YBS-62II.

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