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Yamaha A Series Videos

Brooks Robertson In the Studio

It’s easy to make great recordings with the A Series.

Note: This is the second installment of a two-part “Yamaha A Series Videos” series.

“Whatever the guitar itself sounds like, I want that to come through in the recording,” says artist Brooks Robertson, “and a guitar like this already sounds great acoustically, without being plugged in at all.”

The guitar Brooks is talking about is the Yamaha A Series, and as he demonstrates in this video, it’s ideal for recording as well as for live performance, thanks to the nuances provided by built-in microphone modeling and the ability to freely switch between different models on the fly — something that can’t be done with any other acoustic guitar. “The A Series is helping me sound better and play better,” he concludes. “It just sings on its own, which is really nice.”

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Armando Vega
Armando Vega was born in Chicago, raised in Houston and has lived in Southern California since the early '90s. By day, he is a mild mannered law-abiding citizen who used to handle marketing development for Yamaha Guitars. By night, he sings and plays guitar for the bands "PsychicMafia" and "Metal101." Armando has a career that spans two decades, plus five internationally released albums and countless miles of roadwork from Southern California through Europe, including performances in South America. He usually spends his leisure time vacationing in the great outdoors or enjoying a movie with his wife and teenage daughter.

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