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Introducing the SR-C20A Compact Sound Bar

Small but mighty.

Have you ever turned on your television and wished that the exciting onscreen action was matched by equally explosive sound? With the thickness of TVs dwindling with every new generation, that leaves precious little room for built-in speakers — and the ones being used are getting smaller and smaller, with tinnier and tinnier sound. One possible solution is to add a separate audio system, but the problem is that some of those systems require more space than many people have in their homes, with a litany of speakers taking up space both in front of and behind you.

Add a sound bar, however, and you no longer need a lot of space for great audio. But with so many options on the market, paired with whatever limitations you might have in your home, finding the right one can be a daunting task.

Enter the SR-C20A. It’s the first compact sound bar from Yamaha, designed to fit any space without sacrificing sound or specs, with a focus on audio quality and connectivity. Let’s take a closer look at its features and capabilities.

The Yamaha SR-C20A compact sound bar.
The Yamaha SR-C20A compact sound bar.

Room-Filling Sound

Small remote control.
SR-C20A remote.

The SR-C20A comes with a built-in subwoofer and dual passive radiators. A passive radiator increases the low frequency response (that is, the bass) of a speaker system substantially. This is a rare combination in compact sound bars and enables the system to reproduce the rumble of your favorite action scenes, as well as the bass in music tracks. Looking for even more low end? Just press the BASS EXT (Bass Extension) button on the remote control.

The SR-C20A speakers.
The SR-C20A speakers.

There are also four sound modes that allow you to customize your audio experience even further: Stereo, Standard, Movie and Game. Each highlights different audio attributes, depending on what you’re listening to. With Game mode, for example, you can hear and feel the full range of sound, from the powerful blast of an explosion to the quiet footsteps of an enemy sneaking up from behind.

But that’s not all! When placed directly under a TV screen, the SR-C20A creates a virtual sound field using Dolby® Audio virtual surround sound technology to reproduce left, center, right and rear sound effects. This lets you hear the kind of subtle audio detail you’d normally only experience in a movie theater.

The SR-C20A speaker mounted on living room wall.

Another way the SR-C20A delivers detail is with its implementation of Yamaha Clear Voice technology, which provides enhanced dialogue clarity. This is especially useful during action-heavy scenes or critical moments that involve a wide range of sounds, so you never have to raise the volume to hear a pivotal plot twist.

Versatility Plus

Thanks to its compact size (just 23 inches long and 2.5 inches high), the SR-C20A can easily fit in tight spaces like gamer stations, bedrooms, offices, playrooms and dorms. It can also discreetly sit in front of any screen or a computer monitor without obstructing the action.

The SR-C20A speaker on a desk.

Mounting an SR-C20A on a wall is easy, too, thanks to the two keyholes on the rear of the sound bar. This can free up space on an entertainment cabinet and can simplify the number of cables behind the cabinet by allowing you to run an HDMI® cable in the wall.

The back of the SR-C20A speaker showing the keyholes for wall mounting.

Speaking of HDMI, the SR-C20A also includes an ARC (Audio Return Channel) function, which allows both audio and video to be sent over a single HDMI cable. In addition, the SR-C20A provides optical and aux options for connections to multiple sources, all accessible via the remote control, which can also be used to power your TV on or off, adjust volume, and more.

There’s Bluetooth® too, for streaming audio such as music and podcasts — just pair the SR-C20A with any Bluetooth-compatible device. (You can even connect and switch between two different devices!)

Looking for even more wireless functionality to further simplify the user experience? Check out the SR-C20A’s dedicated Sound Bar Remote app. Not only can it turn the sound bar on or off from your smartphone or tablet, it can switch content and change sound modes, as well as activate Clear Voice and Bass Extension functions.

Screen shot Sound Bar Remote app.
Sound Bar Remote app.

With so many features packed into this compact sound bar, your choice may be a simple one. But don’t take our word for it — check out the SR-C20A for yourself!


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