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Make Your TV Sound as Good as It Looks

Why does your TV look so good – and sound so bad?

Technology is an amazing thing. With the advent of 4K Ultra HD video, there’s almost no reason to leave your house to watch a game in person or see a movie in a theater. Except one: Your TV sounds like a transistor radio playing inside a tin can.

Question: Why does your TV look like this:

A TV sitting on top of a credenza.

but sound like this?

An old-fashioned television set with a "rabbit-ear" antenna on top.

It’s because TV manufacturers choose to spend their money on developing high-quality picture, not high-quality sound. Also, big speakers won’t fit in a flat-screen TV.

Meanwhile, outside your TV, audio technology has advanced tremendously with the development of high‑resolution audio.

You and your TV don’t have to be left behind. While Yamaha is renowned for their AV receivers, you might find an AV receiver a little more complicated than you would like just to upgrade your TV sound. We also offer many simpler ways to upgrade your TV’s sound to match its picture, from sound bars to stereo receivers, all with the quality and innovative technology you expect from Yamaha.

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