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Tech for Mom: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Here are some gifts guaranteed to put a smile on her face.

To give a Mother’s Day gift sure to surprise and delight, put yourself in Mom’s world for a moment. What does she like to do? Where does she like to do it? What would make her happy, or make her life easier? OK, most of the answers to that last question are probably free (like spending more time with her!), but if you want to make it an extra special day, consider these gift suggestions for your mom …or any other person who has played that important role in your life.

For the Mom Who Enjoys Music Everywhere

If Mom loves to listen to music or podcasts while she’s working or enjoying a favorite pastime, the Yamaha MusicCast 20 is the perfect companion. This compact wireless speaker fits discreetly on the corner of any desk or counter, but don’t let the small size fool you. It provides rich sound that can fill the room. Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® and AirPlay® allow her to listen to the music she wants, including popular streaming services, her own music library and internet radio. The MusicCast 20 also works with Alexa and Google Assistant voice control, so she won’t have to lift a finger to enjoy it!

Small speaker on a shelf with towels adjacent plus a smartphone in the foreground showing an app screen.
MusicCast 20 wireless speaker.

For the Mom Who Loves Her Favorite TV Shows

If your mother’s idea of relaxing is binge-watching her favorite TV series, the Yamaha MusicCast BAR 400 sound bar (with included wireless subwoofer) gives her DTS® Virtual:X™ virtual 3D surround sound with a simple one-cable connection to a TV. In fact, not only can she enjoy must-see TV, but also popular music streaming services via Wi-Fi. And voice control with Alexa or Google Assistant means she’ll only have to get up to refill her popcorn bowl!

View from behind of a woman sitting on a couch watching tv with remote in her hand and a soundbar directly below the tv on the far wall.
MusicCast BAR 400 sound bar with included wireless subwoofer.

For the Mom Who Loves Hi-Fi

If Mom’s happy place includes Hi-Fi, the Yamaha R-N303 network stereo receiver has it all. From modern technology like music streaming services and Wi-Fi to Bluetooth and AirPlay — not to mention a phono input for her turntable — every entertainment choice is at her fingertips. (Or should we say beck and call?) The R-N303 also works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Turntable and receiver on a shelf above a shelf of vinyl albums.
R-N303 network stereo receiver.

For the Mom Who Loves Vinyl

If your mother has a box of vinyl somewhere in the garage, a turntable may be just the thing to uncork all those fond memories associated with her favorite albums. After all, the best high-res audio in the world can’t take the place of holding iconic album art in your hands. The Yamaha MusicCast VINYL 500 turntable has Bluetooth, AirPlay and Spotify Connect as well as Wi-Fi, so Mom can also stream music when she runs out of vinyl to play. It also works with Alexa and Google Assistant … although you have to flip the records over yourself.

Turntable on a shelf next to a flat screen and a row of vinyl albums in their dust covers, plus other decorative items on the shelves above.
MusicCast VINYL 500 Wi-Fi turntable.

For the Mom Who Needs Her Creative Space

The Yamaha TSX-B141 desktop audio system is perfect for filling Mom’s creative space with music. Whether it’s a home office or a country chic loft, the powerful TSX-B141 can fill the room with music from AM/FM radio, a USB source, or streamed from a Bluetooth device. Despite its compact size, it boasts two full-range speakers, a bass-reflex port and a powerful integrated amplifier, plus easy-to-use alarm clock functions make it a useful addition to any bedroom.

Living room with modern arm chair in foreground and a small rectangular electronic box in background facing chair.
TSX-B141 desktop audio system.

Whatever you end up giving your mom, be sure to spend time enjoying it with her. She deserves it!


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