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Wireless Amp Turns Outdoor Speakers into MusicCast

Connect your outdoor speakers to this MusicCast amplifier.


There is nothing like music to set a mood when you’re having a great time with your favorite people – especially when the group happens to be at your house for your annual “Welcome to Summer” bash.

The pool is heated, the steak is marinating and the barbecue is ready to go. Everything is ready for your friends and family to arrive. It’s gonna be a blast!

Access All Your Music

The one thing you wish you had is access to all your music. You want to play the collections on your phone and tablet too. And wouldn’t it be great to stream music from any of the online radio stations and streaming services instantly?

And how about adding this to your wish list: being able to share your music anywhere throughout your house — controlling it all with an intuitive app.

MusicCast Makes it Happen

You’ve just described MusicCast, the whole house audio system that uses your existing Wi-Fi network to share music to any MusicCast-enabled component in your home.

You already have several MusicCast AV components — the sound bar in the den, the compact wireless speaker in the kitchen and the AV receiver in the living room. You know how awesome MusicCast is. You’d love it if your outdoor speakers were MusicCast-enabled, too. With the addition of a Yamaha wireless streaming amplifier, they can be.

By connecting the amplifier to your Yamaha outdoor speakers, you transform them into MusicCast-enabled speakers. Virtually instantly, any song or playlist you want to listen to is right there at your fingertips.

Two wireless speakers and a wireless streaming amplifier.
Yamaha NS-AW294 outdoor speakers and the Yamaha WXA-50 wireless streaming amplifier.

Connect and Listen

Connecting an amplifier to speakers sounds complicated, but it’s actually a relatively straightforward process.

Simply connect the speaker wires from your speakers to the amplifier speaker terminals. It’s really that simple!

And since the amplifier is MusicCast-enabled, now your speakers are as well. Using the MusicCast app, you can easily access virtually unlimited music from internet radio and streaming services like Pandora, as well as the music on all your devices.

When everything is said and done, you’ll have a fantastic outdoor audio system that makes good times great.

Get the Party Started!

When you’re throwing the bash of the summer, everything from the menu to the music will set the mood and keep the party going. That’s why you have to have all your options on the table. Turning your outdoor speakers into MusicCast speakers does just that.

Now throw the steak on the grill and break out the beverages — your guests are starting to arrive!

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