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Big Sound from Small Packages

Make the most of your music.

Wouldn’t it be nice to stream music from your favorite sources anywhere in the house you happen to be – your kitchen, home office, even the bathroom? Yamaha MusicCast wireless speakers do that, and more: They deliver seriously awesome sound from a surprisingly small source.

The largest of the series weighs in at just 4.9 lbs. and stands barely over six inches tall, so it will fit on any nook, shelf or tabletop — it can even be wall mounted.

Major Sound

With speakers so versatile and portable, you may be willing to accept a bit of loss in the sound department. But you don’t have to! These trim, compact units deliver audio that equals or even surpasses the sound from speakers five times as large.

Yamaha small but powerful wireless speakers WX-030 and WX-010
Thanks to the two-way speaker and passive radiator design, Yamaha MusicCast speakers fill the room with powerful, rich sound that makes the most of your music. Shown: (L) WX-030 (R) WX-010.

Size Isn’t Everything

Sure, compact size and impressive sound is great, but unless you have access to the music you really want to play – when you want to play it — it’s just another wireless speaker. Yamaha MusicCast speakers are fully loaded with Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® and AirPlay® so you can stream music directly from your computer, smartphone or tablet any time you want.

What’s more, you can instantly share any music from any source to other MusicCast components in other rooms, creating a complete whole-house wireless audio experience.

MusicCast wireless speakers from Yamaha
MusicCast provides access to your digital music library, streaming music services, internet radio and Bluetooth wireless technology sources. Share it with up to nine additional MusicCast-enabled devices!

Big Expectations!

When you buy a compact speaker, you might expect compact sound. Not any more. Yamaha MusicCast wireless speakers deliver room-filling sound from a space-saving unit. So sit back, relax and enjoy big sound from a surprisingly small source.

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