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Chill Music Playlists That Will Keep You Cool All Summer Long

Kick off a hot summer with these chillout tracks.

It’s time to enjoy the hot days and balmy nights of summer with some music to chill and grill by!

After all, when you combine the warmth of the summer sun with cool music, you feel great! Don’t just take it from me, though. You’ll find articles all over the internet (like this one on the website) that explain the psychology and physiology of how it all works.

What’s more, as noted in this blog posting, music can make you not only happier and smarter, but healthier too! With these feel-good facts in mind, let’s check out some feel-good chillout playlists.

Beach, Backyard and Deck

A great place to enjoy summer is on the beach, of course, so break out the beach chairs and get that portable speaker fired up. The Spotify® Beach Chillout Music playlist is so hot you might need more sunscreen! It’s a good one to follow and put on repeat for the whole season. Or head on over to Apple Music® for Summertime Vibes 2023 (Chill Beach Music), which offers a terrific variety of super-cool music.

Prefer to have a “staycation” at home instead? Check out this list of The 15 greatest chillout albums of all time to stay focused and relaxed at home. As the article states, there’s nothing quite like finding that one album that always sends you into a trance and makes you feel all zen.

If you want to feel like you’ve traveled without leaving your home, try the Ibiza Chill Out playlist collection on Spotify or the Tropical Chill Music Land playlist on Apple Music. Either will make you yearn for a cool beverage and a palm tree. The YouTube® Summer Chill Mix of Tropical & Deep House tracks will set the mood just right for a pool party … even if that pool is right in your backyard

Another great part of summer are those relaxing evenings sitting outside on the deck. How about a playlist for just those moments? The Evening Chillout Playlist on Pandora® includes a wide variety of musical choices, as does the nearly hour-long Calm Evening | Deep Chill Music Mix on YouTube.

Ambient Grooves

Speaking of YouTube, Ambient Chillout Lounge Relaxing Music always puts me in a good mood. It’s perfect to spin as background music whether taking in a sunny day or a warm summer night.

The Acoustic Chill list is curated by Amazon Music’s Experts and features a diverse selection of relaxing acoustic grooves that will fit any occasion. You can also head over to Apple Music for a similar experience with their Acoustic Chill station. It’s good to have choices!

Long Chills

Hate having to get up and change playlists/stations? The 100 Best Chill Out Songs Ever on Spotify provides over eight hours of cool chill tracks and will get you through almost the whole day on one spin. Alternatively, the Spotify Summer Chillout playlist lets you “lose yourself in the summer daze” with over five hours of great tracks. Or check out Apple Music’s Chillout Lounge Music Playlist — nearly three and a half hours of deep house, smooth jazz and New Age music that’s perfect for long summer nights anywhere.

Different Genres

To get some extra groove going, how about some chill house? Spotify’s Summer Chill House 2023 playlist is updated weekly so you can vibe or dance to different music all year long. Apple Music has a similar offering, simply called Chill House, which is all about the after-party with breezy melodies and laidback beats.

If you prefer to take things down a notch, go for a playlist like Spotify’s groovy Downtempo Chill Out, which includes instrumental electronic music, laid-back trip hop beats and even future garage music. Streaming service Beatport also has a Downtempo Chillout Playlist that pushes some boundaries with elements of tech house, afro house and electronica.

Last but not least, if you’re ready to go old school, well, we all know how relaxing classical music can be, so why not chill out to the sounds of Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and other superstars of the genre? The Top 100 Chill Out Classical Music playlist on Spotify provides almost 10 hours of music from these masters and others, while Apple Music offers a Classical Chill playlist that includes a mix of classical music from standard to contemporary. You can also find a hand-picked selection of Classical Chillout music on Topsify, which can be viewed and played via Apple Music or Spotify.

Whatever your musical tastes, stay cool this summer!

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