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Have True Sound. Will Travel.

Tips for taking your wireless speakers on the road with you.

There’s no place like home. With its familiar sights, sounds and smells, home means comfort. When you travel, you can bring some of those comforts with you – a photograph of loved ones, your favorite cologne or aftershave, a delicious snack from the kitchen.

But what about sound?

The good news is that you’re not without options when it comes to bringing familiar audio with you wherever your travels may take you … thanks to something Yamaha calls True Sound: sound as it was meant to be heard by the artist, the producer, the composer, the creators.

Even if it’s not labeled as “portable,” your wireless speaker doesn’t need to be confined to your home, as long as you plan accordingly. Here are some tips for taking True Sound with you on your next journey.

Bring the Party with You

Ever get invited to a party, family function or work event where you think they may need an assist when it comes to sound? Ever have those suspicions confirmed when you arrive and find that the sound system is lacking? (Maybe the biggest speaker in the room is the one in your smartphone!)

That’s no way to enjoy music.

Bringing the party with you is the best way to share and enjoy True Sound, and it’s easier than you think. All you need is a wireless speaker or two, electricity and a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth® connection. (Wi-Fi usually works best.) Just plug in and connect, and you could be streaming your favorite music in no time, impressing friends, family and co-workers.

Packing and Transport

If you’ve kept the original box your wireless speaker(s) came in, the task of packing your True Sound system will be quite easy. If not, you’ll be able to find replacement packing material with a little resourcefulness. Alternatively, try and find a box that’s slightly larger than the speaker(s) but has enough room to put in packing material like Styrofoam, bubble wrap or even a blanket — anything to ensure that it won’t rattle around during transport. If you’re taking an overnight road trip, wrap the speaker in a blanket and tightly pack it in a separate bag to ensure complete protection.

Placement and Setup

Once you arrive at your destination, perform some quick reconnaissance on potential locations for your speakers, noting the space needed and proximity to an electrical outlet. The Yamaha MusicCast 20 wireless speaker, for example, has a width of 5-7/8 inches and a depth of 5-1/8 inches. If you’re bringing a larger model like the Yamaha MusicCast 50, you’ll need a little more space (its width is 15-3/4 inches, with a depth of 7-7/8 inches). Note that these particular speakers are intended for indoor use, and the power strip or wall outlet should be within 10 feet. If you’re using a different speaker, be sure to find out how long its power cord is prior to picking your setup location.

Two pairs of speakers.

Once you’ve picked your spot, plug in, connect to the local Wi-Fi and fire it up. You could also connect via Bluetooth or Airplay®, in the event Wi-Fi is unknown or inaccessible. Start by playing music you’re familiar with so you can see how the speaker sounds at different volumes. If you can place it close to a wall or corner, that’s always a good idea since it allows the sound to bounce off the walls and have a better chance at filling the room.


Click here for more information about Yamaha True Sound.

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