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The Perfect Pairing: Yamaha MusicCast and Home Automation

Create the right mood for your music.

When smart home devices work together, the possibilities are endless. Every kind of household routine — cooking, relaxing, exercising— can benefit from having the lights set a certain way, the thermostats adjusted to a particular temperature, the home security system armed or disarmed.

And then, of course, there’s music.

Any audio system offers households a wealth of benefits: tunes to keep you company while cooking dinner, soothing serenades as you get ready for bed, high-energy beats to get the blood pumping during a workout. Whatever the activity or occasion, music can help set the mood and get you in the right frame of mind.

When your system is wireless, adding audio accompaniment to your daily routine gets even easier. That’s where Yamaha MusicCast comes in: No matter where you are in your home — in fact, even if you’re outside on the patio — as long as there’s a MusicCast speaker nearby, you can stream the right type of music to suit the situation.

For example, while preparing a meal for a dinner party as you listen to a lively jazz playlist, you might also want the lights above the sink and stove set to a high intensity, the heat lowered, and the front door unlocked for your guests as they arrive. Once the buffet is set, the music, lights, temperature and security settings can change to evoke the perfect party atmosphere. The environment can change again after guests have departed: soft music, dim lighting, curtains drawn and the gas fireplace activated to help you settle in for the night.

Integrating Yamaha MusicCast products with your home automation system gives you expanded control and the ability to add music to every scenario. One simple command from a smartphone or tablet, wall-mounted keypad or handheld remote can get the entire house ready for whatever activity is planned. No need to peck through a playlist to find the perfect musical accompaniment; no need to fiddle with dimmer, thermostats or your alarm system. You won’t even need to touch the switch of your gas fireplace!

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Home Control Scenarios

Here are a few suggested music-related home control scenarios you might want to try:

Good Morning: The simple alarm clock pales in comparison to home automation integrated with MusicCast. Simply program your system to stream a choice piece of music to your bedroom speakers at a volume loud enough to wake you … while at the same time the bedroom lights gradually brighten, the motorized window shades open and the thermostat adjusts to a warmer temperature.

Treat Yourself: When you’ve got the place to yourself, relish it. Play the music you like as loudly as you like. Reminisce with ’80s hair bands or satisfy your craving for the classics. Nobody will mind. Sit in the dark — or not. Crank up the heat. You’ll hear no complaints. It’s your time, and a MusicCast-enabled home automation system can make you feel like a king (or queen) for a day — or even just a couple of hours — with perfectly curated music at the heart of it.

Put On Your Game Face: Pay tribute to your favorite sports team. On game day, tap the pre-programmed button to stream the school fight song to your MusicCast speakers throughout the house, tune the big screen TV to the channel showing the game and unlock the doors for all your friends and neighbors to come join you.

Party Time: Through the intelligence of your home control system, you can have only the lights and MusicCast speakers in a certain room or rooms respond to a Party command. Or, as the revelry builds, you might want the effect to spread to speakers and lights throughout the entire home.

Happy Holidays: If there’s a holiday or special event, you’ll want music. Oh, and festive lighting. Maybe even a few houseguests. With MusicCast and a home automation system working together, your house can get into the spirit of the season in the blink of an eye. Cue Christmas music and turn on the twinkling tree lights; on Valentine’s Day, go for a compilation of love songs plus red mood lighting and a crackling fire to rev up the romance. MusicCast plus home control makes every celebration even more special.

Control Options Galore

In the world of home control, just as in the world of music, it’s good to have options. That’s why Yamaha has teamed up with many leading providers of home control systems, including Control4, RTI, URC, Elan,, Crestron and others. Being able to choose from a variety of control systems to mate with your MusicCast products allows you to weave in any assortment of smart devices you desire, plus it ensures a level of comfort and convenience essential for any household. Best of all, integrating MusicCast with home automation can bring a whole new level of ease and enjoyment to your lifestyle.

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