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Your Personal Custom Installer (Brought to You by YPAO)

YPAO-equipped receivers analyze room acoustics to optimize the listening environment.

Custom installers spend hours carefully measuring, evaluating, analyzing and adjusting the audio settings on home theater systems so they sound just right. YPAO™ Sound Optimization by Yamaha delivers similar results in less time than it takes to decide what movie to watch. In just minutes, it automatically analyzes the acoustics of your listening and viewing space so that the sound you hear is the absolute best it can be. It’s as if a custom installer has set up and calibrated your entire system – the results are that good.

Best of all, it doesn’t matter if the room is a cavernous space with soaring ceilings or a 10′ x 10′ bedroom that’s been converted into the kids’ “media room” – the technology works the same way.

The Magic Starts Here

Featured in the majority of Yamaha receivers, YPAO uses sophisticated digital processing to work its magic, starting with the provided YPAO microphone. The receiver generates a series of high and low sounds, which are actually specially devised test tones, and plays them through your connected speakers. The microphone then picks up these test tones and sends them to the processor for analyzing.

Place the YPAO microphone on a stable surface at ear level, near where you will be doing most of your viewing and listening. Try using a tripod.

The receiver then measures and sets speaker levels, adjusts speaker delays and matches the timbre of the speakers to each other, optimizing your system settings and listening environment.

Reduce Reflections

Furniture and walls close to the speaker can have a “muddying” effect on sound clarity. YPAO employs a special Reflected Sound Control to reduce their impact, producing even, high-resolution sound.

YPAO Volume

As an added bonus, YPAO-equipped receivers also provide a feature called YPAO Volume. As described in a previous blog posting, this applies loudness equalization to the audio that passes through your AV receiver. The result is improved clarity and balanced low, mid and high frequencies at all volume levels.

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