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YPAO Volume Ensures Quality Audio at All Volumes

Hear your music the way it’s supposed to be heard.

You’ve had a long week and now it’s time to relax. You look up your favorite jazz artist and select that one song that always makes you feel like everything is right with the world. You turn on the music at a soft, low volume. It’s wonderful — the perfect antidote to a stressful day.

But as soothing as the artist’s voice is, the song feels like it’s missing something. You turn it up and you can hear the gentle sound of the brush on the snare drum and perfectly timed bass.

These background instruments make the song sound even better, but when you turn the volume down again, those musical enhancements go away. What gives?

The Low Volume, Low Sensitivity Issue

Man with a hand up to his ear.

The human ear has less sensitivity to high and low frequencies at lower volumes. We tend to hear the mid-range tones much more clearly, which is right where most singers’ voices fall.

So when the volume goes down, the extra layers of sound that give a song or soundtrack so much more depth seem to disappear. Mind you, they don’t actually disappear – we just can’t hear them as well. That’s why Yamaha designed YPAO™ Volume.

Hear Everything, Even at Low Volume

YPAO Volume is an advanced sound technology that automatically applies loudness equalization (EQ) to the audio that comes through your AV receiver, applying just the right amount to compensate for the volume level. The lower the volume control setting, the more EQ it adds. The higher the volume, the less EQ it needs to apply. You’ll hear balanced low, mid and high frequencies clearly at all levels.

With YPAO Volume, the vocals, guitar chords, bass line, drums and other musical components are precisely balanced to ensure you hear all the layers of sound, no matter how high – or low – the volume.

Love Music More

Whether the music fills the entire room or just the corner where you’re relaxing in your favorite chair, YPAO Volume creates a rich, deep, fulfilling listening experience that makes you appreciate and love music even more.

YPAO Volume applies loudness EQ correction to automatically adjust high and low frequency levels as the volume control is adjusted up and down.


YPAO Volume is featured in most Yamaha AV receivers, including the AVENTAGE line of professional-level components. Check them out here.


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