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Five Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Surprise dad with something he’ll love.

We all know the struggle: You need to buy a gift for someone special but the only things you can think of are the usual — stuff that they either already have or don’t really need. And when you consider the gift recipient’s individual tastes, hobbies and technological needs, this can be even more challenging.

So this Father’s Day, why not get a head start and get dad something he’ll both love and need? Here are five gift ideas that any music / home theater lover will appreciate all year round:

Image of the preamplifier.
Yamaha WXC-50 streaming preamplifier.

1. Hi-Fi Upgrade

If your dad is a lover of vinyl and already has a classic home Hi-Fi system complete with a turntable and stereo receiver, you might want to consider helping him update his system with the latest technology that allows for streaming music. Check out our blog article: How to Add Streaming to Your Legacy Audio System.


View of a small table small plant, vase of flowers and a small cylindrical speaker next to them. The lower shelf has books adjacent to a subwoofer just slightly smaller next to a chair with a small piece of rug in front and a landscape painting above.
Yamaha MusicCast SUB 100 subwoofer.

2. Home Theater Enhancements

Enhance your father’s home theater experience with a surround sound system, either by updating or adding to it. If price is an issue, refer to the first in our Home Theater on a Budget series of blog articles, which talks about how to assemble a low-cost starter system. We also have an article here that describes how to add wireless surround speakers to simplify an existing system.


3. Streaming Services

For dads who love to watch movies or TV shows, you might consider buying them a subscription to one of the many streaming services out there.

4. Musical Instrument

Why not help your dad reignite his love for music? Whether he’s a first-timer looking to learn guitar or an experienced pianist looking to purchase his first digital keyboard, we offer plenty of options to explore.

Guitar on flat surface. Keyboard on a stand.

Air popper popping popcorn and it falling into a serving container.

5. Popcorn Popper

If he’s already set up with a home theater system, maybe what your dad needs is a better way to enjoy the experience. Why not get him a popcorn popper? They’re reasonably priced and can be enjoyed by the whole family on movie night.


Now all you need to do is drop the hint and hope your dad gives you the info you need to buy him the perfect Father’s Day gift!


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