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Yamaha Products at 2023 NAMM

Here are some of the new Yamaha products that debuted on the show floor this year.


P-S500 Portable Digital Smart Piano

Small electronic keyboard.

The P-S500 is a smart digital piano with innovative technology that brings learning into the modern age. Designed to fulfill a music lover’s dream of playing their favorite songs, the P-S500 is equipped with Stream Lights technology that uses red and blue lights above each key to show the pianist which notes to play and when to play them, allowing you to practice without knowing how to read music.

Closeup of an electronic keyboard with lights above keys.

The PS-500 has an 88-note weighted keyboard with an authentic piano touch, and comes loaded with 660 high-quality instrument Voices including stunning grand pianos, electric pianos, organs, brass, strings, percussion and more. There are also 403 built-in songs in a wide range of genres, from pop songs to classical pieces, allowing you to play along with the backing of a full band or orchestra. When paired with the free Smart Pianist app, you can generate piano scores or chord charts of all your favorite songs, then accompany the original recordings on the PS-500. You can even record your performances or sing along with them — complete with studio-quality effects — by simply connecting a microphone. To expand your learning potential, Yamaha is offering a three-month premium membership with flowkey, an app-based learning platform that has been customized to utilize the P-S500’s Stream Lights, giving you thousands more songs to add to your repertoire.

CK Series Stage Keyboards

Electronic keyboard.

Portable CK Series Stage Keyboards combine the sounds of the Yamaha CP Stage Piano with the organ- and synth-focused YC Stage Keyboard to give you a totally new sonic palette, along with an intuitive interface that lets you focus on the music, not the menus. And thanks to its battery power and built-in speakers, CK allows you to take your new sounds to new places — without compromising sound quality or features.

The CK61 model has a 61-key keyboard ideal for playing organ, synth and string pad sounds, while the CK88 features an 88-key keyboard with a weighted and graded action perfect for acoustic and electric piano sounds. Both come loaded with 363 great-sounding piano, electric piano, string and brass Voices, plus a dedicated organ section and modern synth sounds. CK also offers 36 onboard effects and an Analog to Digital (A/D) Input to plug in a mic or another instrument, plus it can be used as a four-zone MIDI controller with your DAW or other instruments in your onstage rig.

DM3 Series Digital Mixing Consoles

Small mixer board.

The new Yamaha DM3 Series compact digital mixing consoles offer superb sound quality (up to 96 kHz) with low latency, fast and easy setup and operation, and professional-level features for live sound, streaming, and live or home recording and music production.

There are two mixers in the Series: the standard DM3 and the DM3-D, which includes Dante audio networking for quick and flexible connection to a wide range of compatible audio devices. Both offer a simple, intuitive user interface centered around a large 9″ screen with multi-touch control. There are 16 mono, one stereo and two FX return input channels, along with six mix sends, two FX sends, one stereo and two matrix output channels. Dual onboard processors deliver 18 types of high-quality effects, and channel names are displayed on the user’s choice of a light or dark background, making these mixers easy to use under all lighting conditions. With custom fader banks and MonitorMix support for personal monitor mixing, DM3 Series mixers have various live sound applications, from simple presentations and conferences to live bands and multi-performer events. And the onboard 18-in/18-out USB audio interface and DAW Remote functionality make the DM3 a great choice for home recording too, or for use as a live sound sub-mixer for a Dante-compatible main console.

FG9 Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitar.

Handcrafted in Japan and designed specially for singer-songwriters pursuing the highest level of expression, the flagship FG9 dreadnought steel-string acoustic guitar has an Adirondack spruce top complemented by a choice of Indian rosewood or African mahogany backs and sides and a mahogany neck. Other features include scalloped X bracing, an ebony fingerboard and bridge, a bone nut/saddle and a nitrocellulose lacquer finish.

Guitarists everywhere will appreciate the projection, clarity and detailed articulation of the FG9, as well as its remarkable responsiveness — whether they prefer the deep lows and sparkling highs of rosewood or the warmth and accentuated midrange of mahogany to complement their vocal performances. Cutting-edge acoustic and 3D structural measurement processes were employed in the design of the FG9 — a new level of scientific analysis, combined with innovative craftsmanship.

YH-WL500 Wireless Headphones

Headphones in a stand.

Also being shown for the first time at NAMM are the new Yamaha YH-WL500 wireless stereo headphones, specially designed for music practice. They offer superb sound and ultra-low latency response to preserve timing and feel, as well as Bluetooth® connection for easy audio playback. Specially voiced for musical instruments, the semi-open design of the YH-WL500 reduces ear fatigue, allowing for longer practice sessions.

CVP-900 Series Clavinovas

Digital grand piano.

The three models in the new flagship Yamaha CVP-900 Series — the CVP-909, CVP-909GP (shown above) and CVP-905 — are the latest additions to the acclaimed line of Clavinova digital pianos. All offer a sleek design, cutting-edge technology and unparalleled versatility, with a wide range of both piano and non-piano Voices and band/orchestra accompaniment Styles that will take your playing to new heights.

The CVP-900 Series introduces two new features that enhance the playing experience: Grand Expression Modeling that accurately captures the subtle variations in sound offered by a real acoustic concert grand piano; and innovative GrandTouch pedal technology that allows the player to execute the “half pedalling” technique with the damper pedal and hold it at middle depth with ease. The pedal’s pivot point has been adjusted to resemble that of a real grand piano, and on the CVP-909 model, it even replicates the weight of a grand piano damper pedal for an even more realistic response. All CVP-900 Series models offer a full 88-key GrandTouch Keyboard with counterweights and escapement, and the CVP-909GP and CVP-905 provide linear graded hammers, with a color touch panel and Bluetooth® audio. The CVP-909 adds numerous advanced features such as Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM),  USB Audio (MP3/WAV) recording and playback, Follow Lights with Guide Mode, and Display Output via USB. You can even plug a mic into the CVP-905 and CVP-909 models and sing along with up to three virtual background vocalists, with the ability to adjust level and correct pitch.

Third-Generation TransAcoustic Piano Technology

The insides of an upright piano.

Yamaha also announced third-generation TC3 and TA3 TransAcoustic technology that uses the soundboard of selected authentic acoustic pianos to naturally amplify digital sounds, effectively turning the instrument into an acoustic speaker and creating an immersive auditory experience — an innovation that stretches the imagination and opens a whole new world of possibilities.

Both systems utilize Articulation Sensor Technology that captures every nuance of every note played and offer 256-note polyphony, along with 12 (TC3) or 25 (TA3) onboard digital Voices plus 480 ensemble Voices, 12 Drum Kits and 20 rhythm patterns. They also incorporate SILENT Piano technology so you can play and practice without being distracted or disturbing others. In addition, MIDI, audio and Bluetooth connectivity allows you to create recordings of your performance and to listen to your favorite music over headphones plugged into the instrument.

YCB-623 CC and YBB-623 BB♭ tubas

A tuba.

Two new front-action piston tubas were announced at NAMM: the YCB-623 CC and YBB-623 BB♭ models, both designed for players and music programs looking to create an energetic and reliable foundation for their ensemble. Professional orchestral players, aspiring college musicians, community band players and high school students can all benefit from the distinctive sound, ergonomic design, and reliable action that musicians across the globe have come to expect from Yamaha tubas.

Highlights include a newly designed secondary main tuning slide, which provides a greater tuning range and solves several common temperature-related problems; a new BB69D2 mouthpiece that features a gently curved funnel-shaped interior and a deep cup for symphonic tone; a body redesign to help make low-register playing easier and more efficient ; a floating leadpipe to create a clear, resonant sound; a multi-shank receiver that accepts American and European shank mouthpieces without an adapter; a 3rd Valve water key that facilitates quick drainage while playing, eliminating the need to place the instrument on the floor; an adjustable thumb ring that provides maximum holding comfort and fingering freedom; and vented pistons that keep pressure in the tubing constant, making it easier to make fine tuning slide adjustments while playing.

YBL-835 Xeno bass trombone

A trombone.

The new YBL-835 is the latest addition to the Xeno Bass Trombone collection, replacing the popular YBL-830.

The new model, which was designed in collaboration with internationally acclaimed bass trombonist Tomer Maschkowski, offers improved color and complexity in the sound, yellow brass and gold brass bell material options, and even a detachable bell option for more compact travel. Bass trombone players and advancing students will notice the familiar ease and efficient feel of the previous model but with the added ability to put more air into the instrument with a more robust sound. Features include a new rotor arm design for a shorter, faster throw and a refashioned interior rotor shape for a smoother, more open playing feel, along with a redesigned BL61D4 mouthpiece.

Custom Z YSL-891ZD and Xeno YSL-882OD detachable bell tenor trombones

Two new detachable bell variations to the Yamaha line-up of tenor trombones were also announced. The popular Custom Z YSL-891ZD and Xeno YSL-882OD detachable models offer convenience and new sound characteristics. Adding a cut bell allows players to use a more compact travel case; in addition, the added weight of the ring on the bell adds new depth and resonance to the familiar Custom Z and Xeno sound.

Next-Generation SILENT Brass System

A trumpet with an electronic mute and control box.

At NAMM, Yamaha also announced a next-generation SILENT Brass system, which delivers greater playing enjoyment, anytime, anywhere.

The system consists of a smaller, lighter, freer-blowing pickup mute, and a Personal Studio control box, which incorporates exclusive Brass Resonance Modeling technology. Used together, the two deliver the natural acoustic tone you hear when playing without a mute, making it feel as though you are playing mute-free. The Personal Studio offers two modes: “Player,” which allows the player to hear the natural sound of the instrument; and “Audience,” which delivers natural sound to the listener. It can be connected to a computer or smart device via the supplied USB cable, making it possible to record or take part in online lessons at home. The new SILENT Bass system is available for trumpet, Flugelhorn, trombone, French horn, euphonium and tuba.

YDS-120 Digital Saxophone

Digital saxophone.

The YDS-120 digital saxophone makes sax playing more accessible than ever before. It eliminates restrictions on where and when you can play, while offering the same tonal diversity, deep low notes and delicate highs of an acoustic instrument.

The YDS-120 combines acoustic and digital technologies into a new form. It offers 56 soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone Voices, plus an additional 17 non-sax sounds — all delivered with the variety of expression only a saxophone can provide. It’s easy to play, too, with the same key configuration as an acoustic sax, plus a breath sensor that detects the pressure of your breath and an analog controller. It can be used with either a USB power source or with batteries and offers a headphone terminal and Aux in jack. It also comes with a dedicated YDS Controller app that enhances the performance of the YDS-120 and further expands the range of sound creation with intuitive and visual instrument settings and sound editing.

New Colors for Stage Custom Birch Acoustic Drums

Drum kit.

Introduced in 1995, Yamaha Stage Custom Birch drums have set the standard for value and sound, featuring six-ply birch shells that give them a characteristic low fundamental and warm tone. At NAMM, Yamaha announced that Stage Custom Birch drums are now available in three new finishes: Classic White, Deep Blue Sunburst and Matte Surf Green (shown above).


See you at next year’s NAMM — and remember, if you can’t make the show in person, you can always catch the highlights here!


For more information about these and other Yamaha music products, click here.

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