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Yamaha Products at 2022 NAMM

Here are some of the exciting new Yamaha products you’ll find on the show floor.

It’s NAMM time again! Can’t make this year’s show in person? Here are some of the hottest new products that Yamaha will be displaying on the show floor.

CFX Grand Piano

Beautiful grand piano with lid open.

Yamaha has been making pianos for over a century, and striving to continually improve the artistic experience through feedback from the world’s most acclaimed pianists. The new Yamaha CFX is the culmination of that quest — a handcrafted concert grand piano that melds tradition and innovation, built by master craftsmen who understand the delicate balance between absolute precision and the human touch.

The carefully hand-selected materials that go into every CFX work together to create richness in every note, with astonishing projection. Only the finest beech and mahogany woods are chosen to give the rim a warm, deep sound quality. State-of-the-art A.R.E. (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement) technology reduces moisture content to impart an aged character that suppresses damping for clean vibrations, and an innovative joint method brings expertly seasoned woods together for smooth, resonant tone. Each CFX soundboard is fashioned from the top one percent of European spruce, chosen for its ability to transform string vibrations into beautiful sound. The shape of the crown has been refined to add a deeper mid-bass tonality, and the width, height and position of the sound ribs has been modified to increase dynamic range. The bass strings are hand-wound; the highest-quality felt is used for the hammers; even the frame is hand-molded and sand casted. From gentle pianissimo to powerful fortissimo, the CFX provides an extraordinarily responsive touch, furthering the connection between player and piano.

Second-Generation Revstar

Rows of colorful electric guitars.

Initially launched in 2015, Revstar® was the first new electric guitar series from Yamaha in more than a decade, drawing on the company’s heritage in both electric guitar and motorcycle design. The second-generation Revstar guitars being shown at NAMM fine-tune that concept with enhanced playability, versatility and tone.

All feature chambered bodies developed with the signature Yamaha Acoustic Design process to precisely shape tone and increase resonance while lowering weight and optimizing balance. They also boast a new neck profile and are available in a number of ultra-cool racing-inspired finishes — there are even left-handed models to choose from. Revstar Standard and Professional models come with either humbuckers or P90-style single-coil pickups and have unique five-way pickup selector circuitry that offers a new twist on classic “in-between” sounds, along with a Focus Switch — a passive boost function that evokes the sound of overwound pickups. If you’re a player interested in classic style with modern upgrades, you’ll definitely want to check out these great new guitars.

DTX8 / DTX10 Series Electronic Drum Kits

A hybrid acoustic and electronic drum kit.

The new DTX8 Series and flagship DTX10 Series electronic drum kits offer a perfect blend of functionality and playability, giving drummers the ideal instrument for rehearsal, recording and live performance. DTX8 Series kits are ideal for drummers looking for a combination of high-quality sounds and versatility. DTX10 Series kits are designed for drummers who demand the very best in performance capability and durability.

DTX8 and DTX10 Series kits are available in two stunning finishes — Real Wood and Black Forest — and offer two playing surface options: two-ply mesh heads from Remo that boast outstanding resilience and can be tuned to fit the drummer’s desired tension, or Textured Cellular Silicone (TCS) heads that offer a surface that will never loosen, along with a more natural response and rebound similar to an acoustic drum. The DTX8 Series utilizes the DTX-PRO module, while the DTX10 Series is powered by the new DTX-PROX module. Both modules offer the same tone generator and feature high-resolution samples professionally recorded in world-renowned studios, along with unique features such as a real-time Kit Modifier that allows major tonal change and inspires creativity with the twist of a knob. In addition, the DTX-PROX has a “Live Set” function that allows drummers to freely arrange and set various kits, tempos and audio files for backing tracks, as well as seven LED rotary faders that can be used to instantly change instrument parameters such as altering the tuning of the snare or muffling the kick. Both the DTX8 and DTX10 are compatible with the free iOS/Android™ Rec’n’Share app that allows drummers to practice along to songs in their library, record video, and easily share their performances without leaving the drum throne.

Cubase 12


Whatever you need, Cubase helps you to reach your full creative potential. From Hollywood blockbuster composers and Billboard Hot 100 producers to keen beginners, the world of music production has long trusted the comprehensive feature set, straightforward tools and unrivaled sound of this acclaimed DAW music production software.

NAMM attendees will have an opportunity to explore the many new features and workflow enhancements offered by the latest release: Cubase 12. These include everything from new effects and advanced editing tools to improved audio-to-MIDI and expanded MIDI Remote integration, making it easy to add MIDI controllers to your music production setup, with auto-detection of your device and mapping of all available controls. The Scale Assistant in VariAudio makes pitch editing a breeze, while the Audio to MIDI Chords feature allows Cubase to instantly analyze any recorded audo and derive the chord progression for you automatically, blurring the borders between audio and MIDI so you can focus on the music instead of the technology. With Cubase 12, you’ll find composing, recording, and mixing even more rewarding than ever before.

YTR-8335IIRKG-LN Xeno Trumpet

Golden trumpet seen in profile.

NAMM will also see the debut of the YTR-8335IIRKG-LN Xeno B-flat trumpet — an instrument that speaks to players looking to create new musical moments. Trumpeters aspiring to stand out from the crowd will find it to be just as unique as they are.

Closeup of the engraving on the bell of the trumpet.

The YTR-8335IIRKG-LN continues what has become a tradition of limited-edition wind instrument models created by Yamaha to celebrate and inspire music-makers. This particular model offers several distinctive features, including a proprietary cryogenic acoustic treatment, a durable clear lacquer finish, a medium-large 0.459″ bore and a reversed main tuning slide. The unique “Kangakki” engraving on the bell means “wind instrument” in Japanese — a historical reference that balances with the instrument’s modern design and construction.

See you at next year’s NAMM — and remember, if you can’t make the show in person, you can always catch the highlights here!


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