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A Guide to Parent Resources for Beginning Band and Orchestra

Looking to introduce your child to music? Here are the answers to your questions.

By joining school band or orchestra, your child will make fast friends and learn to work as part of a team. For many children, the music classroom serves as their first introduction to playing an instrument. It is an exciting, challenging and beneficial endeavor that has been shown to increase confidence, decrease stress and improve cognitive function. For parents who come from musical backgrounds, it can be an easy transition, but what about those who grew up without music in their lives?

For many parents who are new to the world of music, when your child says, “I want to play violin,” the next steps may not be clear. And with all the other classes they’re taking, navigating through all your child’s needs can become a bit overwhelming. Often times, frustration can act as a deterrent to involving your children in music. Endless questions arise: How old does my child have to be to start? Will they need an instrument? How much will it cost? Can we rent at first? Where do I get the instrument from? How do I encourage musicality in a child with exceptional needs?

Whether your child joins music class, band or orchestra, there are some things to consider. If you’re new to the world of music or have questions, Yamaha has answers.


Ultimately, your child should play the instrument that they will enjoy the most. He or she may have the opportunity to explore different instruments at school before making a final decision, or the band director may also assign a particular instrument to them.

Once your child has decided what instrument they’ll be playing, the next step is to find a great instrument that suits the player’s needs and level. Yamaha is able to provide the highest quality instruments for musicians at all levels. The company’s standard models are recommended for beginning band and orchestra students. As your child’s skills grow, Yamaha has the products to help them continue their musical progress.

To learn about how to choose the right instrument, check out the Band Instruments for Music Students and Student Violins, Violas and Cellos websites described below.

Winds and Percussion: Band Instruments for Music Students


This website is for parents who are ready to jump into band as a school activity for their children. If your child has been showing an interest in the flute or the saxophone, or any of the instruments that show up in the band room (percussion included), this is a great place to hear from band students, learn about renting versus purchasing an instrument, gain information about the different instruments in a band room, and find your local authorized dealer.

Strings: Student Violins, Violas and Cellos


This site is designed for parents of a child that’s been itching to play in the school orchestra and bring out their inner violinist. Find tips on what to look for in a new instrument as well as the best options for beginners. There is also a tool for you to enter your zip code and find the nearest authorized dealer. This can assist you in finding the instrument you’re looking for, including information on renting.

The Road Ahead

Hopefully the musical road ahead for your child is long and fulfilling, and one that leads them to come to know music as a central part of who they are. There are many ways to start making music and the resources in the websites listed above intersect with where Yamaha has particular expertise.

School is a great place for your child to learn more about themselves and others, but if they find that they want to explore more musical styles, play the songs they like, or even grow a little bit faster than the pace of the school classroom, private or group lessons are a great place for them to thrive and grow individually. Your local dealer and your child’s band or orchestra teacher can help you find someone in your area to help your student grow. Remember, there are many ways to make music!


Click here if you’re the parent of a new band student.

Click here if you’re the parent of a new orchestra student.


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