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The Disklavier Education Network is Yamaha’s unique space for educators, artists, and enthsiasts who use Disklavier. Explore to see how your Disklavier can help with practicing, performing, distance learning, multimedia, and other creative applications.

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Here’s What to Look for When Shopping for an Acoustic Piano

There is nothing quite like the joy of playing a real piano. The feel of the keys and the beauty of the tone — produced by felt hammers striking metal strings resonating through a massive wood soundboard — is an experience that is difficult to replicate with a purely digital keyboard. When shopping for an acoustic piano, you should of course pay close attention to the touch and tone of each ins…

Dawn Chorus: Augmented Reality With a Disklavier

A conversation with the artist behind the concept.

The Yamaha Disklavier ENSPIRE™ Essentials Kit

What’s inside, and what to do next.

How to Prepare for a Virtual Piano Audition

Tips for creating compelling videos of your performances.