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The Yamaha Disklavier ENSPIRE™ Essentials Kit

What’s inside, and what to do next.

The Yamaha Disklavier is a truly revolutionary instrument — a world-class acoustic piano that can faithfully reproduce every nuance of a performance and stream it, wirelessly, anywhere in the world … including your living room.

A beautiful grand piano in an upscale modern living room with a large flat screen embedded in wall where a jazz concert is playing.

More than 30 years of continuous innovation has resulted in the latest iteration: the Disklavier ENSPIRE™. If you were lucky enough to purchase one of these remarkable pianos recently, you should have received an “Essentials Kit” from your dealer. (If you haven’t, contact them to get one.) This box of goodies includes accessories and information about setting up streaming services for your instrument, as well as access codes for free downloadables and online content.

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Contents of the Essentials Kit

An open box with a set of equipment and small book laid around it.

Here’s what’s included in the Essentials Kit:

3-month trial of Piano Radio

Piano Radio is a truly unique listening experience. With 60 live channels of streaming music, it’s like having a professional pianist in the room playing your favorite songs by your favorite artists. With moving keys and real acoustic sound, Piano Radio brings your Disklavier ENSPIRE to life and creates the perfect atmosphere. As a bonus, your Piano Radio subscription also includes access to DisklavierTV™ programs featuring streaming video content. (Available in the U.S.and Canada only.) There’s no need to change disks or set up a playlist — just sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Free PianoSoft album download

With the promo code provided in the Essentials Kit, you can choose any one of these six PianoSoft albums as a free download. (Available in the U.S. only.) PianoSoft albums allow you to listen to original recordings of your favorite piano performances on your Disklavier ENSPIRE. When these songs are played back, PianoSoft physically plays the piano, moving the keys and pedals to reproduce the original performance. It’s like having a professional pianist in your home!

Tutorial videos from Link-to-Learn

Learn how to operate your Disklavier ENSPIRE with these online Link-to-Learn QuickStart videos and product guides that take you step-by-step through the features and functions of your instrument, including numerous musical demonstrations. They offer you an exciting, interactive learning experience and cover a variety of musical topics such as “How To Play Chords,” “How To Play Keyboard” and more — everything you need to find your true music-making potential.

32 GB USB flash drive

You can never have enough storage! Included is a USB flash drive with a whopping 32 gigabytes of space to store your favorite downloaded songs or recordings.

Bluetooth® adapter with audio cable

This small, unobtrusive adapter allows you to quickly and easily connect your smart device via Bluetooth for wireless DisklavierTV viewing.

Magnetic cord cover

This stylish magnetic cover with self-adhesive backing enables you to hide all connected cables on the inside of one of the piano legs.

Getting Started

To get started, simply go to There, you’ll find clickable links to redeem your free 3-month subscription to Piano Radio and DisklavierTV, choose and download your free PianoSoft album, and watch the Link-to-Learn ENSPIRE video guides. Also available on this page are handy FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and a “Contact Us” form if you have any further questions or need additional help.


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