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Spotlight on THR-II

The original desktop amp gets an upgrade.

Every electric guitarist is familiar with tube amp stacks that sound amazing when turned up loud on a big stage, and with combo amps that are a perfect fit for smaller venues and rehearsals. The Yamaha THR broke the rules, ignoring the convention that a practice amp should simply be a smaller version of a larger amp. In doing so, it created a new category — the desktop amplifier — designed to provide what guitarists need when they’re playing at home. Now, with more sounds, more features and wireless connectivity, the three amps in the all-new THR-II series expand the concept even further.

All THR-II amps provide 15 guitar amp models, 3 bass amp models and 3 mic models for acoustic-electric guitars, as well as Hi-Fi audio playback to ensure your music sounds as good as your guitar tone, with extended stereo that creates a wide, spacious audio image. In addition, there’s Bluetooth® connectivity for wireless playback of your music and the THR Remote editor app (available for iOS and Android™), which allows you to do deep editing of effects and access a compressor and noise gate. The THR10II Wireless and THR30II Wireless models also include a built-in rechargeable battery and Line 6 wireless receiver. Just grab your THR-II, your guitar and a Line 6 Relay G10T transmitter (sold separately), and play anywhere your music takes you.

Artists all over the world are using THR-II series amps. Want to hear what they have to say? Check out the video:


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